Cranking things up at The Dark Corner

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  • Workout Date - 11/11/2015
  • Q In Charge - No Strings Attached
  • The PAX - Grrrr, iTunes, Playdoh, NSA, Biofreeze, Kilowatt (WD), Goose (WB), Alfred, Perry Mason, Wally (honorable mention)
  • AO -


-20 Imperial walkers, IC
-20 SSH, IC
-20 Mountain climbers, IC
-10 burpees every minute for 5 minutes


11s with diamond merkins and jump squats

Start at bottom of parking loop, 10 diamonds
Run up to the half way point, 10 fairy jacks
Run to the end of the parking lot, 1 jump squat
Run back to the half way point, 10 fairy jacks
Rinse & Repeat decreasing diamonds and increasing jump squats until 1 diamond and 10 jump squats
10 fairy jacks every time the PAX crossed the half way point

20 merkins, IC
20 Squats, IC
Rinse & Repeat


circle of mary


– T-Claps to #triplehate Goose who came back to win 11s after falling half a lap behind YHC while stopping to cough up some phlem.
– YHC admired the way PAX seemed to form miniature packs while assimilating in to their place for 11s. This was a long and grueling exercise that required some concept of pace for those of us non-triple hates. Always better to have your bro beside you pushing you along the way.
– Apparently Wally had something “come up” after first set of burpees. Hope everything’s alright bro…


-BRHS band is holding a 5k fundraiser. Contact Kilowatt or Goose for details.
-Prayers for iTunes dad who is recovering from surgery to remove cancer.
-Prayers for our Bros who are dealing with stress at work and at home.
-Hope Relay this Saturday

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