Coupons for a Grand Slam Breakfast

  • Workout Date - 07/27/2015
  • Q In Charge - Affordable Care Act
  • The PAX - ATM, Sushi, Tedediah, The Situation, Butterbean, Medula Oblongata, Third Base, Lookout Below, Hooch, Affordable Care Act (YHC), Inspector Gadget, Reflector, Barney, Thumper
  • AO -

First of all, let me welcome those of you who just Googled “Coupons for Grand Slam Breakfast” and found out our Search Engine Optimization guys are awesome.  Our mission with F3 is to plant, grow, and serve men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.(1)  If that sounds like something you may need (perhaps instead of a Grand Slam from Denny’s), please read on.  If you’re really not a sad clown, completely content with your life, and genuinely looking for a discount on a huge breakfast, please accept my apologies… (and we’ll see you in your Thirties).

14 PAX ignored the fact they’ve endured countless weeks without football and are staring at another five extremely dull sports weekends.  Nay, they woke up with the determination of a strange Shia Lebeouf Nike Ad, and embraced the new week like…


SSH x 25 IC
Imperial Walkers x 25 IC
Electric Boogaloos x 20 OYO (2)

Main Thang

Mosey across Curtis and hey, lookie there, a nice neat stack of regular ol’ bricks!  Partner up and decide which one is Team A and which one is Team B.

We’re circling the bases (or block) this morning with pain at every corner. Each stop will have 4 minutes of AMRAP. The moseys will serve as the recoveries. If you have any objections with this plan, please click here.

First Corner:

Team A: Merkins, Squats, Derkins, Lunges
Team B: Squats, Merkins, Lunges, Derkins

Second Corner:

Team A: Coupon Flies, Speed Skaters, Overhead Press, Mountain Climbers
Team B: Speed Skaters, Coupon Flies, Mountain Climbers, Overhead Press

Third Corner:

Team A: Tricep Extensions, Burpees (3), Tricep Kickbacks, Stairmasters
Team B: Burpees, Tricep Extensions, Stairmasters, Tricep Kickbacks

Fourth Corner:

Team A: Rows, Jump Squats (4), Curls, SSH
Team B: Jump Squats, Rows, SSH, Curls

Rinse and Repeat!….. wait, its already 6:00?  Okay, we repeated the First Corner.  So it was more like a Pentagon….. Home Plate, if you will.


Flutters x 25 IC
American Hammers x 25 IC
Some Oblique Thing Sushi Suggested x 7 IC (5)
Other Side x 8, just for Third Base IC
LBCs x 25 IC
Freddie Mercurys x YOLEVEN IC



  • Michelin 5K is August 15th.  Sign up or email Sushi if you have any questions.
  • 3rd F: God to the Last Drop meets every Wednesday at 6:00 at Java Bistro.
  • Hulk Smash’s VQ is tomorrow morning at Pitchfork. Come feel the love and weirdness as we all wear green to support him.
  • Lookout Below wants you to know there is a GoRuck Challenge November 6th in Columbia. Please ruck with him. It’s getting a little obnoxious. Just kidding. I actually brought it up.


  • Inspector Gadget’s coworker lost her battle with cancer. Left behind an 8 year old daughter. Prayers to give family strength and peace.
  • Thumper’s father. Pray for God’s timing and minimal suffering on his journey home.
  • Hooch’s opportunity. Pray for timing and God’s plan for his career that may lead him to North Carolina. (6)
  • Sushi’s M. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

Ye Ol Moleskin

(1)  Johnny 5 would have you believe it’s “…serve SMALL men’s workout groups…”, but if that were the case, where would Third Base workout?
(2)  Okay I made this one up and it just might contain zero physical benefit, but seeing middle-aged men do their best “Breakin'” impersonation was priceless and almost necessary.
(3)  I had the exercises written in sidewalk chalk at each corner (and the biggest Weinke goes to…..).  At corner 3, I wrote Star Gazers instead of Burpees just to play with the PAX minds a little.  My apologies.
(4)  Midway through the jump squats, I hear some mumblechatter about Miley Cyrus and twerking.  Apparently, YHC needs to do a better job of supervising the group’s form.  Where is Murdock when you need him??
(5)  At this point, I’m taking suggestions since I have rarely managed to get the PAX back to home base to actually perform ANY minutes of Mary.
(6)  It should be noted that after Hooch’s prayer request, Sushi selfishly gave him a time frame to be able to run for team Golden Strip.

Pleasure to share the gloom with you this morning!


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