Couponing Station Style

  • Workout Date - 08/28/2018
  • Q In Charge - Waxon
  • The PAX - Grrr, Chubbs, LeVar Burton, No Bars, Emeril, Ice Man, Kindergarten Cop, Training Wheels, Perry Mason, Play Doh, Wilson
  • AO - The Station

12 men eschewed the comforts of the fartsack this morning, to eagerly turn out to see how YHC was going to respond to Perry’s earlier, feeble attempt at age-shaming the Q the night before.      Did YHC get angry?    Nay says I.   Did YHC feel unjustly picked upon?     Pshaw!  Not even close.    These taunts only served as fuel for the development of a beatdown, so simple in it’s design, yet so challenging in it’s requirements.   Normally, YHC is renown for his rather large weinkie, but today’s plan was go short on variety, long on pain.   Let’s get after it.

The Warm-up –   25 SSH IC, 15 windmills IC, 20 Imperial Walker splendidly called out in cadence.

The Thang

Mosey to Memorial Methodist Church where all Pax were instructed to grab a coupon.    Coupon’s secured, Pax convened at the top of the parking lot to await further instruction.   Having 12in attendence, YHC directed 6 to the lower end of the lot with coupons, while 6 remained at the upper end, also with coupons.    Plan 1 – 11’s with both groups starting with 10 manmakers and working down.     After each round of manmakers, PAX were instructed to leave their block, run to the other end of the lot, pick up a coupon there, and work there way up from 1s, doing squats with the coupon.     Since this was a new body of work for the Pax, there was some momentary confusion at first, but all Pax got the gist in short order and got after it.    This one must have tough because YHC heard almost no mumble chatter.

Work complete, we move on to the next task – plan 2.    Under normal circumstances, coupons would have been returned at this point, but the Pax were instructed to grab em and lets go.    Plan 2 was outlined as 4 corners with coupons, but the Pax were challenged to mosey to the corners as a group and wait at each corner for the 6 to arrive and wait on the work instruction.    1st corner (Main & Arlington) 25 coupon chest presses.   2nd corner (Arlington and Ballenger) 20 DC flutters with coupons overhead, 3rd corner (Ballenger & Church) 20  curls, 4th corner (Church & Main), 20 overhead press.     Mosey back to the Church and return coupons.

At this point, we’re up against the clock, so mosey back to the circle for Mary.   But wait!   YHC hears a train approaching, so, as is the time honored tradition, the call goes out for 10 burpees.   NOW we have the mumble chatter!!!!   Evidently there’s some controversary about whether or not there ever was an actual train.   Doesn’t matter – I’m the Q, I heard it, you’re doing burpees.      Final round of work completed, on to Mary, which consisted of LBCs, Dolly, Rosie, Heels to Heaven and a final plank up.

COT:    Prayers for a speedy recovery for our brother House and the knee issues.   Also prayers for a couple of fellow Swamp Rabbit brothers and families (Seal, Padre).   Lastly there were other prayer concerns shared, but YHC couldn’t remember them all.   Fortunately the Sky Q was present, heard and doesn’t forget.

It was a simple plan, but we worked.    Great effort Station Men!    Always a pleasure to lead!

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