Corridor of Quiver

  • Workout Date - 03/05/2015
  • Q In Charge - One Direction
  • The PAX - Jenner (Pending rename to Kardashian), Nippler, The Tickler, Big V, Macho Man, Strange Brew, Donut, Murdoch, Padre, Look Out Below, 1D
  • AO -

11 posted to sop up the sog for Elmer’s VQ.  Everyone was looking forward to this one, being that Elmer is an E8 Marine, except……where is he??  Did he possibly Fartsack due to the driving rain??  Seriously?  It was 64 degrees!!  Mister, you owe the PAX 50 Burpees, per F3 protocol!

YHC was feeling particularly spunky so it started with me taking the Flying Q, with plans to share as needed.  That proved to not be necessary. Sorry boys!

As the plan unfolded for 9 of us, two headlights approached, and it was quickly apparent that two Ruckers had already been out in the sog.  Murdoch and Padre joined the party. Murdoch shared a health update.  Keep him in your prayers.  We opened up in prayer and specifically lifted Murdoch up to The Most Highest. Let’s Roll!


No warmup necessary.  Mosey to the back picnic area under the tarp.  Upon arrival, AUDIBLE  due to it being too dry.  Keep moseying to the new-found area, forever now known as The Corridor of Quiver (thanks Macho Man for naming her).  The Corridor of Quiver is a “garden area” at the school, complete with the perfectly sinister benches, good for all things Leg related. We discovered these during an Icy “snow day”, where they were officially Christened with Box Jumps. Macho Man utilized them nicely on Tuesday, so it made sense that we must return.  When YHC mentioned that my legs were shredded from Tuesday, Nippler suggested that this would be all the more reason to do legs again. #okayherewego

YHC had no plan so I started throwing things at the wall and, as indicated by the way my legs feel 8 hours later, things stuck nicely.  This is what commenced:

4C Piston Squats x 10 (Left Leg Up). Switch legs x 10 then 10 Derkins (it was right at this moment that a Pyramid seemed like a good idea).  Repeato x 9, x 8, etc, all the while incorporating the Derkins.  After the x 5 set, 10 Box Jumps felt right, just to keep the heart rates up.  It was about this point that there was a lot of grunting and groaning. YHC also had to ask for a couple 10 counts!  The x 1 set was a welcome conclusion.  I also need to mention that Padre did most, if not all of this, with Ruck.

Time for more experimenting.  This time, we did a 1-10 pyramid Up with Box Jumps.  After the last rep in each set, we held the down position for a three count, on YHC.  After the 5 rep set, this was easily becoming a very stupid idea so no three count hold for 6, 7, 8, or 9.  On the 10 set, we held for a ten count after the 10th rep.  Legs are smoked again #thanksNippler

Mosey back to the front, mindful at all times of “the chain”. Gathered up at the north side of the school for another new idea.  Plank up on the yellow line and “plank side walk” down the line, hence the new name, Johnny Cash(s).  We walked the line “right” down the short line.  Now “left” walk the long line.  Again, lots of grunting.  Back to the short line.  This time, walk the line with a Merkin after “three steps”. Another 10 count.

Mosey back to the front and line up with a partner under the covered walkway (must keep you guys dry).  Another crazy new idea.  Downward Pyramid with 4C hand slap Merkins, followed by 4C mountain climbers.  We started at 8 and worked our way to 1 #shoulderssmoked #worsethanjackwebbs

YHC made a stupid comment that that was just harder than Jack Webbs.  Someone contested, so……Jack Webb’s to 7.

Mosey back to the flag (which was down) for an abbreviated 1MOM with LBCs and Flutters.  That’s all boys!! #smoked



As always, today was an honor for me to lead such an awesome group of men.  Sometimes, the flying Q and skunkwork workouts are the best.  I truly had no plan when I arrived so I hope the workout was worthy of being called “a good Q”.  Murdoch, you inspire me brother!!  Prayers are up!!


Keep Murdoch in your prayers as he works through some health issues.  Palmetto 200 runners (made up of almost all GoldenStrippers) need one more driver.  Sadiq will be driving a van.  Who is with him?  Keep EHing guys as Spring quickly approaches.

Oh, and Elmer, you owe us 50!!


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