Core Values

  • Workout Date - 07/29/2016
  • Q In Charge - ⚽️Mom
  • The PAX - Whisper, Homeward Bound, PETA, Sammy, Mint Julep, My Little Brony, Pine Tar, Deflated(FNG), ⚽️Mom
  • AO -

We have run a lot this week and I thought we have been neglecting our core so I referred to my P90X manual for some Core Synergistics. It was a beautiful Friday morning at Pitchfork to roll around in the grass and throw some weight around.
Here is what we did:

Warm up:
SSH x20
Hillbillies x20

The Thang:
Stacked foot/Staggered hand push-ups x10 each side
Banana Rolls x3
Sphinx Push-ups x10
Bow to Boat (like yoga sorta)
Lunge and reach x20 each side
Prison Cell Push-ups x10 #crowdpleaser
Side Hip Raise x20 each side
Squat X Press x20
Superman Banana 60 seconds
Lunge Curl Press X10
Weight Hoppers 60 seconds
Steam Engines x100 yes 100
Dreya Roll x20

Curls x10
Cross body Curls x10
Curl Overhead Press x10
American Hammer x20
Flutters x20

Announcement: Convergence at Gidieons House Tommorow
6 workout
7 breakfast
8 install pull up “Bondo” bars

Friends traveling
Pine Tar coworkers family lost loved one

Welcome Rich fka Deflated

It was fun fellas!

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