Core Meltdown

  • Workout Date - 02/23/2024
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

19 men planted the shovel flag for YHC’s first time at the helm at The Tank Yard. What started as a run-of-the-mill workout turned into something else……

core meltdown

The Thang:
SSH x30
IW x25
Parker Peters x20

Indian Run – Around baseball fields and back to basketball courts
Double applesauce style
Brady Bunch took a tumble over a low fence/rail – hope you’re ok brother

Half burpee ladder x5 (merkin and leg thruster combo – 1:2 ratio) #sneakyhard
Lunge / jump squat combo x1min #snowdenfavorite

Mosey to picnic tables
Dips 1.5 count x1min
Clapping LBC’s x1min
Repeato (change clapping LBC’s to around the world LBC’s)

Mosey back to the tennis courts
Split group into 2 teams
Grp 1 – rodeo clown
Grp 2 – perfect squats
Grp 2 does squats until grp 1 finishes with RC, then flapjack

So at this point, we’re waaaaayyyyy ahead of schedule. YHC debated on suicide work or extra core. Extra core prevailed…..

Elbow plank variations
Southern gentleman / northern aggressor
Right hand high / left hand high
Plank jacks
Full plank – down and hold
One legged flutters x15 ea leg
Reaching “critical mass” at this point…..
CCV’s x10 IC ea side
15 Spicoli’s – 5 extra to celebrate Spicoli’s great news

Naked Moleskin:
– Always great working out with the Tank Yard boys. Solid PAX that are growing in numbers and strength/fitness. Plus, “The Tank Yard Boys” has a great ring to it. Much like “The Junction Boys”, “Soggybottom Boys” and “Backstreet Boys”. Ok – not so much on the last 2….
– Brady Bunch – let us know how you’re doing
– Flay + Snowden = TONS of mumblechatter #loveit

– Thankful for latest prognosis on Spicoli as well as Scuba Steve’s Dad
– Pray that Flay’s daughter gets to meet her grandmother before her (grandmother) health gets any worse
– Spartanburg launch – 4/26. Continue to send contact info to #FrenemiesToo
– GORUCK custom in GVL on 6/14. Contact Flay or Iceman for details
– Time to form teams for the Blue Ridge Relay – Contact Flay or One Direction

See ya in the gloom…..


2 thoughts on “Core Meltdown”

  1. Sneaky hard session in general… always good to have you swing by, Ice. We gotta come up with a better name for those half burpee thangs… Did Jack Webb have a rival/competitor?

    1. Thanks – not sure about Jack Webb. Would have to consult the Muthaship on that one. My shoulders and back are already sore – signs of a good workout. Or a dude that’s just out of shape…..

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