Come Down to the River

  • Workout Date - 04/21/2015
  • Q In Charge - Mab Mab
  • The PAX - Macho Man, Mary, Elmer, Noah, The Tickler, Nippler, Fred, One Direction, Look Out Below, Gymboree, Affordable Care Act, Micheal Dursiak FNG-F3 Muffler, Obama, Brutus, Retread, Bambi, Strange Brew, Snap Hook Up, Mab (YHC)
  • AO -

20 PAX, including 1 FNG, came down to the river this morning…THE RIVER OF MERKINS that is. We all took a dive and proceeded to experience a mixture of beatdowns after jumping in.

Here is a recap to see what you missed!

WU Thang (Warm Up Thang)
20 Smurf Jacks IC
20 Mountain Climbers IC
20 Russian Twist IC

The Main Thang:
Let’s take a nice Mosey Hosey- fire hoses above head, to the left, to the right, back to center. Make one loop around traffic circle.
Lay the hoses in parallel lines 3 feet apart:
Run traffic circle and cut back to run and jump the hoses…the river.
The last 2 PAX to cross the river move the hose 1 foot further apart. If you don’t make the jump and fall into the RIver of Merkins:
20 Merkins
20 Werkins
20 Diamond Merkins
Rinse and repeat until all PAX have fallen into the river.

Head over to base of hill for a modified version of:
F-300 Dora:
Partner Up
One PAX runs to top of hill and back down- Other PAX is starting on:
300 Squats
300 Flutters (Single Count)
300 LBC
When running PAX gets back, picks up where first PAX finished on count until all reps are done.
Plank-O-Rama when complete

HEad over to light pole for:
Ring Around the Whipper Snapper:
Put both hoses w/ even lengths around same light pole for the whipping station
All PAX create a circle around the light pole,
2 PAX at a time do shoulder rope whips for 30 sec intervals
While 2 PAX are whipping, other PAX are performing in repetition:
5 Burpees
10 Flat Foot Vertical Jumps
20 Merkins
Repeat this cycle until each PAX has had their time at the whipping station

Mosey back to the middle for Mary.

3 MOM:
20 Big Boy Sit Ups OYO
20 Dead Cockroach IC
20 Freddy Mercury’s IC

Jackalop May 16th- sign up

Prayers for Josiah Jennings and his fight with leukemia

Prayer for Walker Phillips- still trying to wean of Onfi drug, and then get on CBC oil. Seizures to stop.

Prayer for Ford Sweeny- 9 year old having extreme pain and looking for clarity to move towards treatment from tests

That’s all I’ve got. Great working out with you Golden Strippers this morning- what a fine group of PAX. This group continues to reflect what F3 is all about- we are all third. You can’t leave this AO w/out feeling encouraged, challenged, and strengthened. Great way to start any day! Was an honor to lead you men this morning!

God bless and see you in the gloom.

Mab Mab


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