Cold is a State of Mind, Isn't That Right Slap Chop??

  • Workout Date - 12/10/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Bib (WD), Slap Chop, Stewart Smalley, No Bars, Perry Mason, Bagman, Iceman
  • AO -

7 men shrugged off the cold and posted at #RunaWaze. We were missing some regulars – @Bartman, @Alfred, @Grrr but were glad @NoBars joined us.

@SlapChop warned us……
It's Cold

The Thang:

Fast mosey down Batesville Rd, right on Shallowstone, then stop at Silver Creek for 10 slow count merkins and 15 slow count squats
Take a right on Silver Creek and fast mosey down to Silver Creek Ct, stop for 10 slow count russian twists and 5 plank jacks (down and hold position). These were tougher than expected
Fast mosey down Silver Creek to Middle Brook. Time for the main event…..

Hub and Spoke – Partner Style
P1 runs out to spoke one – 10 diamond merkins
P2 holds Al Gore / tree hugger til P1 returns, flapjack
Spoke 2 – 10 flutters (DC)
Spoke 3 – 10 Larry Craigs
Spoke 4 – 10 dollys (DC)
Once everyone is done with round 1, we add reps – 15 of everything
Once everyone is done with round 2, 10 plank jacks (down and hold position) then we change up the exercises – PAX chose:
Spoke 1 – 15 jump squats
Spoke 2 – 15 rosalitas (DC)
Spoke 3 – 15 burpees
Spoke 4 – 16 lunges

We were running short on time so had to audible out of spoke 4. Just enough time to backwards run up Middle Brook. Bad idea – that hill is a lot longer than I remembered.

Mosey back to BVES


Observations from the #gloom…
– @SlapChop and @StewartSmalley on @NoBars – “that dude is fast”….”he’s sprinting”. Yep, @NoBars is fast. You think it was dumb luck that he and I were partners? #veteranmove
– Just when you think you’ve got @SlapChop’s decision making process figured out (he wore sleeves to #TheBurbs on Monday) he’s in short sleeves this morning. Mercury in his blood I tell ya…..
– @Bib continues to impress. A very young and spry 55 year old, you’d never know it at the pace he keeps #impressive
– We covered 2.9 miles. That’s a pretty sneaky distance and a lot of sprinting during Hub & Spoke.

– @Quickie’s son

– #StarCommand convergence 1/23. Come play in the snow #adultrecess
– Drifter – 2/6

See ya in the gloom….


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