Cold and sweaty

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  • Workout Date - 03/07/2015
  • Q In Charge - NSA (No Strings Attached)
  • The PAX - Oui Oui, Alejandro, Bib, Bieber, FNG Party Crasher, Wilson
  • AO -

The PAX were small, but strong, on this frosty Saturday morning, with 7 men resisting the #fartsack to start the day off right (including 1 FNG-Party Crasher, who suddenly appeared mid warm-up from an unseen direction, much like I imagine Batman would post). A crisp 25 degrees and frost on the ground became a steamy 40F by the end of the Q. YHC, having overestimated the amount of layers needed to Q comfortably, might as well have gone swimming in the pond.


-20 SSH IC
-20 Frankensteins IC
-20 MCs IC
-15 Merkins IC

That Thang

Mosey from circle down Jason St., took a left on Cannon and stopped at the brick wall garden at the corner of Cannon and Poinsett. The PAX lined up around the brick wall and completed 20 box jumps and 20 derkins X2.

Mosey through park to the amphitheater for???
Yep, 11s. YHC borrowed this idea from one of Amelia’s particularly miserable Qs: 1 squat at the bottom of the amphitheater, run to the top, 10 merkins, down to the bottom for 2 squats, back to the top for 9 merkins, etc. The PAX planked up waiting on the six to finish. Bib decided to take it upon himself to call out some variations to the plank: right arm high, right leg high, etc. YHC liked the initiative.

After completing 11s at the amphitheater, the PAX moseyed down Jason St., took a right on Main and crossed the street to the parking lot of Memorial UMC. The PAX partnered up and grabbed coupons for Dora. YHC ended up partnerless (probably because of some rank BO developing as a result of the unanticipated rise in temperature) so he completed half of the reps on his own. The exercises were 100 block merkins, 200 curls, and 300 crunch presses with the coupon. One partner was on the coupon while the other partner ran the length of the parking lot to the curb and back.

Mosey back across Main and towards downtown. YHC had hinted that this would be a leg heavy workout and the PAX didn’t seem too phased by the box jumps or squats already completed so…
-10 walking lunges
-Took a left on Jason St., 10 walking lunges
-Crossed Jason St., 10 walking lunges
-Right on Cannon, 10 walking lunges
-Cross Cannon, 10 walking lunges

Well what do you know, the PAX had made it back to the brick wall garden at the corner of Cannon and Poinsett. 20 box jumps, 20 derkins X2. YHC asked Oui Oui for a 10 count after these 2 rounds in response to groans (and some drooling :/) among the PAX. During the 10 count, YHC realized that 1 more set on the brick wall would make a total of 100 box jumps and 100 derkins, so the PAX obliged and completed one more set.

Mosey to shady area beside City Hall building (the PAX seemed hot and sweaty). The PAX then began running in place. This became known as number 1. Number 2 was high knees, 3 was Mary Catherines (alternating jump lunge), 4 was side hop (jump the line) and 5 was a burpee. The PAX’s feet never stopped moving as YHC would call out numbers for each exercise. The PAX polished everything off with several 5s in a row and brought it in for the COT.

Prayer/Praise/Announcement: Bieber turns 30

Prayer: Healing/hopes for good news for Erector’s godfather

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