Coker College Track Team

  • Workout Date - 05/09/2016
  • Q In Charge - Affordable Care Act
  • The PAX - Whisper, EasyBake, Squid, Affordable Care Act, Third Base, Urban, Pet Stain, Sammy, Soccer Mom, Cocoon, Rusty Nail
  • AO -

11 PAX came to celebrate a man they’ve never met before and I assured them they’d never want to meet (at least not on a baseball field) at all.  The man that brought some of you 17s (and many more to come) as well as Triangles (coming Friday) is retiring after 24 years as head baseball coach of the mighty Coker College Cobras.  That man is Dave Schmotzer.

Yep.  That’s my coach.  Awesome graphics on the Cobra Athletics videos, too.  This coming from a school whose weight room resembled that of a 1976 Best Western off of I-20 between Augusta and Atlanta.

Here’s what went down…

Conditions:  Time to start lining my car seat with a towel again.  My button-down doesn’t smell that great right now.  65 degrees and muggy.

Warm-Up:  See conditions.  We’re good.  Head down Curtis and grab a CMU.  Cusack down to the football field (could have done without that…. already regretting the trip back).

The Thang:  It’s a sprint workout!  The CMUs were placed along the 50 yard line (@ThirdBase informed me it was actually the 40 yard line, cause apparently Simpsonville football fields only have 80 yards.  No wonder the Rams took home the big prize last year (or was it two years ago… I have 4 kids).  Everybody else has to go 100 yards.

  1. 40 yard sprint
  2. 10/10 hand release merkins and big boy situps
  3. 40 yard sprint
  4. 20 CMU power cleans
  5. 40 yard sprint
  6. 4:1 ratio Smurf Jacks (IC) to burpees (x4)
  7. 40 yard sprint
  8. 20 CMU power cleans
  9. 40 yard sprint
  10. 10/10 hand release merkins and big boy situps
  11. 40 yard sprint
  12. 20 CMU power cleans
  13. Recovery lap
  14. 4:1 ratio Smurf Jacks (IC) to burpees (x4)
  15. 40 yard sprint
  16. 10/10 CMU power cleans, lateral CMU jumps (no inuries to report)
  17. 40 yard sprint
  18. 10/10 hand release merkins and big boy situps
  19. 40 yard sprint
  20. You wanna win…. You gotta win.  Coker baseball tradition.  You have to experience it.

8 MOM:   The unfortunate Trail of Tears back to COT, mostly with a CMU.  My Cobains…. again, if you have a complaint about my Q, please fill out the comment card here.


  • Millenium Blue Falcon.  Starts at REI Saturday at 7:00am.
  • Prayers for Harris in hospice.
  • Prayers for YHC’s adoption and workload.  Note:  The situation does not have to be as dire as the ones my requests are sandwiched by.  We are here to be prayer warriors for each other.  Let it out….. we still have to be at work by 8:30, but let it out.
  • Prayers for the F3 family in NC that suddenly lost their 8 year old daughter.

Ye Ole Moleskin

  • Quiet group this morning…. anytime @Whisper and @Cocoon are in the same place, the decibel level drops 75%.  I think they were disappointed I wasn’t in costume.  I’ll make up for that Friday.
  • Note to self:  Never get a group of guys in a close huddle when one of those guys is @SoccerMom .  RIP to your colonoscopy guy.  I know it’s gotta be coming up.
  • We’ll stay with bathroom humor for $1000, Alex.  I must say that YHC is proud to have a new badge of honor.  My workout scared the $%@& out of @Whisper this morning.
  • YHC wanted to make the sprints “fun” by acting like we were stealing second base.  YHC was a little concerned over the amount of PAX facing the wrong direction.  #MakeAmerica’sPastimeGreatAgain
  • I would have stole @ThirdBase, but he left too early.

ACA out.

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  1. Affordable Care Act

    Cobains, @Iceman. In my haste, I forgot to mention I was passing on the torture you introduced last week. Really all I ever do is punish others for the pain I endure. #PayItForward

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