• Workout Date - 03/25/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Sushi, Gymboree, Noah, The Tickler, Nippler, Sadiq, Easy Bake, Look Out Below, Strange Brew, Soccer Mom, FNG Greg - SlowMo, FNG Steve - Brownie, Iceman
  • AO -

13 men ignored the wet and overcast conditions and planted an Irish flavored #shovelflag at #Goldenstrip. The PAX at #GS get a bad rap as being the #AARP bunch. I would say that while COT at #GS results in a good many “respect” calls, that doesn’t match up with performance. These guys have found the fountain of youth and get after it……

The Thang

Warmup – BLIMP sighting
Love hearing the early #mumblechatter
Burpees x10
Lunges x16
Imperial Walkers x20
Merkins x25
Plank shoulder touches x30

Mosey to the service entrance for Dora

Cora Dora
Heels to Heaven x100
Plank hip touches x200
LBC 2.0 x300(DC)
P1 – backwards run up the hill to the street, forwards back down #crowdpleaser no. 1
P2 – excercise
flapjack and repeato

Mosey to the brick wall by the building
P1 – Muscle up on the wall (hold for 2 ct) x10
P2 – Freddy Mercury until P1 done
flapjack and repeato

Mosey to the parking lot for Catch Me If You Can #crowdpleaser no. 2
P1 – broad jump around circle
P2 – 15 merkins, run to catch P1
flapjack, repeato (alternating between broad jumps and walking lunges)

Back to the building for dragonflags x10

Partner situps
P1 – big boy sit up
P2 – plank on partners feet


Naked Moleskin
– Welcome to FNG’s Greg (SloMo) and Steve (Brownie). Remember – the workouts don’t get easier, you get stronger…..
– Speaking of @Brownie – he rolled in 15 mins late and almost took out a few guys in the process. #Betterlatethannever
– Where was @Mary???? He HC’d to meet @SlowMo
– @Sushi looks old but can still move #respect
– @Nippler has almost reached the age of “respect” but moves like he’s 30

Prayer Requests
– @NatureBoy and family issues
– @Iceman’s sisters marriage
– @Gymboree reminded us that school starts back this week

See ya in the #gloom….


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