Co Op

  • Workout Date - 12/02/2023
  • Q In Charge - LongBottom, Double Windsor, Soul Plane, Iceman
  • The PAX - LongBottom (WB), Double Windsor, Soul Plane (WD), Iceman
  • AO -

4 men felt the urge to work off Christmas indulgences and posted at #Legacy. We were expecting one more as @Belk #HC’d via twitter Friday night but he #fartsacked, later claiming a #wardrobemalfunction (whatever that means). Must be a #CLT thing….

The Thang:

We’re gonna take turns dishing out pain.

@LongBottom took the Warmup then threw it to Iceman

Mosey to the back side of the #Fern
Alternating peoples chair (60 secs) and mtn climbers (30 secs) for 3 rounds. #tougherthanitsounds

Mosey to front of the #Fern to use the short wall
Wall walk ~20 yds then flutters x10
3 rounds (last round was dolly’s in place of flutters)

@DoubleWindsor took the reigns
Mosey to the track around the pond – partner up for Catch Me if You Can
P1 10 merkins
P2 backwards run til P1 caught up
flapjack and repeato for 2 laps around the pond.

Then mosey up the steps to the hill for 11’s
Squats at the bottom, bear crawl up, fairy jacks at the top #wheelhouse for @DoubleWindsor. He can bearcrawl pretty darn fast

@SoulPlane took over
Mosey a bit then time for some core
Side crunches
leg lifts

Mosey to the playground where @Longbottom took over
10 pullups
16 lunges (gotta stay balanced)
20 dips
repeato for 3 rounds

Mosey to the flag for 2MOM

Flutters x10 then single leg flutters x10 ea leg
Dollys x10 then single leg dolly’s x5 ea leg
45* lbc x20 (hold legs straight out at 45*)


Naked Moleskine:
– Glad I posted this morning to work off the many calories I stuffed in my #piehole.
– There’s no where to hide when the numbers are small. Add rotating Q’s and you have a recipe for a #smokefest.

– With numbers low at #DawnPatrol and #Legacy, we are considering combining the 2 into 1 workout starting at 0630. This will allow guys to get done early but also guys to add an #extracredit workout on either side.
– Take some time in the next week to set goals for 2016. Share them with someone to help keep you accountable.

See ya in the gloom…..


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