Clowney (aka 7s) Comin'

  • Workout Date - 05/10/2014
  • Q In Charge - Flay
  • The PAX - Caviar, Gift Rapper, LBP, J-WOW, Beavis, Hootie, Phil Dunphy (LIFO), Earthmover, The Tickler, Latka, Freeze Dry, EZ (visiting from F3 Columbia) Doubledowners: Iceman, Electric City, Clowney, Grim Reeper
  • AO -

Yep, third time on the Q in 7 days, and wouldn’t you know it, old number 7 for the mighty Gamecocks got taken first in the NFL draft. Looking forward to seeing him and JJ Watt lay waste to the AFC in the coming years. But first, YHC had to lay waste to some of my Swamp Rabbit PAX, or at least the ones not helping out in Spartanburg (#tclaps) or busy prepping for the coming GORUCK on 6/13 (#tclaps as well).

Come to think of it, YHC is supposed to be getting ready for GORUCK, but, well, exigencies of The Service, or something like that. Anyway, 17 PAX  (with 4 doubledowners from Padre’s evil-looking #goodlivin session from 0600) showed up in some sticky Gloom to pay tribute to Mr. Clowney. It was all 7s, all the time.


SSH x 21 IC

IW X 14 IC

Merkins x 7 IC

Indian run around the park


She Hate Me

Merkinjacks x 7

Lunges x 7 (each leg)

Sit-ups x 7

Repeat the cycle AMRAP until Q’s watch beeps (7minutes #ouch)

Mosey to the bottom of the grassy knolll

The Beast (sprint from the bottom / 7 reps at each tree / turn around at the path / repeat back down the hill. That’s 3 sets up, and three sets down)

Perfect squats

Russian Twist (double count)

Carolina dry docks (aka Awkward Merkins according to Latka)

Mosey to the Wall

Ark 7s 

1 Fairy Jack at the bottom

Bear crawl up

6 Burpees at the top

James Winston down

Start with 1 Fairy jack/6 burpees and rinse repeat until its 6 fairy jacks /1 burpee #crowdpleaser

Down to the pond

Rodeo Clowney

PAX line up and run backwards around the pond. Front guy sprints off the front and all the way around to catch the back of the line. Keep it up till everybody sprints.*

*It should be noted that Q splashed a little merlot on his sprint. Some things never change.

Mosey back up to the grassy knoll


Merkins x 7 IC

Werkins x 7 IC

Diamond Merkins x 7 IC

Halfhearted Jailbreak to the circle #nothingleftinthetank


Flutters x 21 IC

Chaser LBCs x 21 IC

Heals to Heaven x 21 IC

Plank/shoulder touch x 21 IC

7 inches x 30 sec

Spicolis x 10


Cameo from Flay2.0 (aka Andy) as MFlay arrived for the FiA session immediately following Legacy


  • Always good times leading at Legacy. Had a smaller crowd due to all the other happenings around the upstate, and that made it much more manageable. Nice not to have 40 cats to herd out here.
  • There was precious little room for shelter on this workout. While no one thing was a killer (with the possible exception of the sprint around the pond for YHC) this one felt like it constantly built on itself. Low reps on each set made for quick cycles and the competition was definitely out there to keep guys motivated.
  • Adding to the challenge was the HUMIDITY. Felt like swimming out there. I know Swamp Rabbit gets made fun of for having twice as many water bottles at the workout as PAX, but it’s definitely worth the shame. At the very least make sure you’re hydrating the night before and that you have something to replace what you lose afterwards.
  • Prayers for Constanza’s friend’s family who lost their mom/wife recently. With it being Mother’s Day weekend, it’s especially tough. May they find peace and a path.
  • Prayers for my friends who just had triplets and are dealing with serious issues for one of their little boys
  • If you haven’t made it out to Spartanburg for the new AO, do it. #BigThings.

See you in the Gloom


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