Closing Ceremonies

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
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23 came from all directions to see the Man, the Myth, the Legend….that is Chaser, from F3Columbia. Time to put a close on the Sochi Games and move into Spring, already.


  • Triple Toe Loop (SSH) x 30
  • Triple Lutz (IW) x 20

Mosey to the Tennis Courts for Event 1

Event 1:

Biathlon – Four laps around the court with 5 Burpees after each lap.  Plank when done.

Event 2:

Luge – Group holds 6″, complete with right turns, straightaways, and left turns while each Olympian runs a lap.

Event 3:

Curling – Partner up.  One Olympian does 4C Flutters while the other Oly does jump lunges to his cadence.  Repeato x 3.  #smoked

Mosey to the main parking lot hill for:

Event 4:

Giant Slalom – Side squat lunges, traversing the slope.  Skeleton at the bottom.  Wait for the group and then jailbreak back to the start.  Repeato x 3.  #smokedagain

Event 5:

Short Track Speed Skating – Side to side speed skaters (P90X style) for 1minute. Repeato x 3 #legsaredone

Okay, enough with the Sochi stuff.  The 22nd Olympic Games are officially closed.  Mosey to center field for an #oldiebutagoodie

Form two lines and plank up for:

  • North Cackolacky Railroad (Sixes Down).  Now back for:
  • South Cackolacky Subway (Sixes DEFINYTELY UP)

Mosey to the Main Parking lot for a Jacob’s Ladder with Starclusters at the top to 7.  Chaser’s flat tire was NOT evident #rabbit


  • Flutters x 10, Hold 6″
  • Low Dollys x 10, Hold 6″
  • Bicycles x 10, Hold 6″
  • Repeato twice more

5 Burpees OYO




  • Great to Have FNG, Brian Schneider, who walked right into his nickname.
  • Great to have Chaser visiting from F3Columbia. #truearteest on the Mumble Chatter
  • Thanks for letting me hang with you guys at TY.  See you every other Tuesday.
  • Still need runners for Palmetto 200 (March 28-29).  Reach out to 1D.
  • LTBM’s Seek & Snap is March 30th, 12:00-18:00, Fluor Field.  Bring the family
  • Dawn Patrol starts this Saturday at Legacy, 06:00-06:50 #doubledown??
  • Continue to pray for Spicoli


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