Block Party in tha (Country) Club

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  • Workout Date - 09/26/2017
  • Q In Charge - Waxon (respecting myself)
  • The PAX - Grr, House, No Bars, Erector, Courtesy Flush, Traffic Jam, NAPA (double respect), Repeat, SA and Kindergarten Cop and ITunes
  • AO - The Station

12 brothers awoke this morning with a desire (check that smoldering desire)  to get just a little better today, and thusly converged in the gloom of the Station for a block party beatdown by YHC.   When the IR’d Perry Mason sounded the call for a Tuesday Q, YHC stepped up to answer the challenge out of the selfish motivation for a block workout.     It had been awhile since we’d done anything but squat thrusts and arm circles, so I was determined to get some resistance in (btw – apologies to the PAX who just had a block workout on Saturday while I fartsacked).     Anyhoo, this is how it went down

Disclaimer:    No need to state, pretty obvious that i’m not a professional

Mission Statement:      All crafty veterans, so mission statement bypassed in the interest of time

Warm-up:      Station world rocked when YHC announced there would be no typical and customary warmup of SSH and IW.    Instead, we had way too much work to do (evidently this announcement did not sit well with House who later blamed YHC for a tight hammy).    Time to get it on!

The Thang:      Mosey from the circle up Jason St to Main where we throw down some LBC’s while we wait on the six.    Once all together, continue on to the Methodist Church, where the obligatory Joe Hendrix had to happen.    The spirit of Joe appeased, mosey to the block pile where the morning’s real work was fittin’ to be done.    YHC allowed the honor system for block selection, and was gratified to see nary a half-block or brick brought to the parking lot for the work.     At this point, much to the supreme enjoyment of the PAX, YHC announced that in keeping with his goal of an enjoyable, compassionately easy workout, that YHC was going to favor the PAX with some of his personal favorite music selections in an effort to take all minds off the suck.   Producing a pocket sized Bluetooth speaker and a killer playlist, YHC kicked things off with a little KIX “Cold Blooded” and rolled into some Brantley Gilbert, Offspring and U2 among others.     PAX sufficiently primed, YHC announced the work, calling for a DORA, with the following challenges to be conquered

50 Manmakers (early crowd pleaser), 100 overhead presses, 200 curls, 300 chest presses, 200 derkins, 100 block-over-chest flutters and 50 kettlebells (another winner!).

Energized by YHC’s superior song selections, the workout took most of our time and was successfully executed and mounted (scaled?) by all PAX.    At some point, YHC became aware of No Bars and Traffic Jam trying to out-do one another in the run portions of the DORA, and was glad that they were down on the other end of the parking lot.    KC nailed it as always, House whined about the Hammy, NAPA modeled incredible strength and stamina for all of us to aspire to at 68, and the rest of the PAX kept their head down and ground through the pain as real men do.    Well done brothers.

Time drawing near, mosey to Cannon St, for a backwards run up the hill to the circle and 6 minutes of Mary (dealers choice).


No announcements, but prayer concerns consisting of NAPA’s son’s neurological issues, Ford Sweeny and the divisiveness in our nation.

It was a pleasure to serve brothers.      SYITG




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