Clemson Tour of Championships

  • Workout Date - 03/12/2016
  • Q In Charge - Flow Rider
  • The PAX - Gore, Anderson Slacky, Twist Tie, 12th Man, Mr Burns, Brown Shorts, Inspector Gadget, Paparazzi, FNG Phillip Boyer (Wambach), FNG Ryan MacRae (Gingivitis)
  • AO -

With the launch of the Clemson AO coming to a close, YHC wanted to do my part to help the group learn about the history of sports on YHC’s old stomping grounds.  11 men, including 2FNGs, got to tour the sites of Clemson’s national champions, past and present.  This tour would not be as long as if we were on, say, Alabama’s campus but it would be certainly be longer than a tour in Columbia.  On top of that, it was time to celebrate YHC’s one year anniversary since becoming a member of this fine organization.

Warm up

SSH x 89 (Clemson founded in 1889).  Wow…’bout lost some on the warm up!

The Thang

Mosey to Historic Riggs Field

Merkins x 19

Hold Gore for 84secs (Men’s Soccer Natty Champs – 1984)

Wait…wait… Ibrahim was a good coach…let’s drop down for 19 more Merkins!

Hold Gore for 87secs (Men’s Soccer Natty Champs – 1987)

Mosey to Death Valley

Merkins x19

Lunges x 81 (Football Champs – 1981)

Mosey to the Golf Clubhouse…but on the way check out LittleJohn’s progress.  Maybe some day we’ll have a natty there, too!  Better get recruiting, Brownell!

After arriving at the golf complex, we push out 20 more Merkins, then 3 burpees (Golf Champs – 2003)

Mosey to the South Pedestrian Ramp @ Death Valley

Against my better judgment, YHC decided to call hill repeats up this monster incline.  Sprint to first painted paw, then walk to bottom.  Sprint to next painted paw and walk back.  Rinse and repeat until cresting the hill.  YHC just about fell out.

After YHC making a quick recovery, the PAX moseyed back to Bowman field where we did some Mary.

Announcements:    Palmetto200 this weekend.  April30 Mud Run, Quickie’s Race

Prayers:  Nail Pop’s son

A quick thanks on YHC’s one year F3 anniversary:  God for leading me to this group.  My doctor (Pedialyte) for telling this fat guy about this organization.  Seal for Q’ing on my maiden voyage.  Youkilis for EH’ing.  Brown Shorts for picking me up at the 6 that first day.  PowderKeg in general…these guys are awesome!

Over and Out!

Flow Rider



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