Circuitous Training at the Keg

  • Workout Date - 08/01/2016
  • Q In Charge - Whoopee
  • The PAX - Depends (44 not 43!), Seal, Carls JR (Respect), Redwire (Respect), Brownshorts, Boomhauer (Respect the chin), PETA, Steamer, Whoopee (YHC)
  • AO -

Nine keggers and three carloads of teenagers endured some circuit training this morning.

YHC got to the keg a little early this morning to set up some circuit training. YHC had endured ACA’s circuit at Gideons House on Saturday and decided to replicate the experience this morning at the Keg.

We started a little late after investigating rap music coming from behind church. Recon revealed three carloads of teens chillin behind Marathon Church. Time was taken to either/or/both:

a)lock the car doors or
b)just lock and load

With security preparations complete, we were free to begin the


Hillbillys x 20
SSH x a few
Merkins x 21 (equals 42 single counts for 42 trips around the sun as of today for YHC)

The Thang

Circuit training of roughly 14/15 stations. While one pax runs a lap around parking lot (90-135 seconds depending), the rest of the pax do AMRAP at the following stations:

1. Squats
2. Burpees
3. Derkins
4. Jump rope
5. Lat pull with 25 lb weight
6. Flys with 10 lb weight
7. Joe Hendrix
8. Basketball merkins (basketball gripped with one hand on ground)
9. Burpees (again!)
10. WW2 Situps
11. Bicep curls
12. Shoulder press with broomstick
13. Lunges
14. Tire Flip

Since there were only 9 of us, some ran multiple laps with the shovel flag.

Everyone completed one full circuit – about halfway thru, the three carloads of teenagers decide to move to the front parking lot. One of them decides to skateboard down the middle of our circuit. Really? Seal politely informs him to either join the exercise (flying EH?) or vacate the immediate area.

Mucho mumblechatter about derkins following burpees and burpees following basketball merkins


Much discussion on what the teenagers could be doing at 5am on Monday morning behind the church? Nothing good except maybe Pokémon Go? Yeah, that’s the ticket……

Still time for 6MOM

Flutters x 30
Dollies x 30
Pretzel Crunch x 20 each side
Heels to Heaven x ALOT
About 90 seconds of X and O
LBC x 30


Brownshorts back from successful mission to Costa Rica – humbling experience, be thankful for your first world problems

Run tomorrow at Boomhauers 0520 startex – 5 miles of hills

August Q calendar is wide open – sign up before the resident weirdos (YHC, Tiny Dancer, Seal, Quaker) have a chance to.

Wren workout Wednesday


Prayer for Brownshorts M and 2.0 – mission trip to Calgary

Prayer for Dohmers foster kids – Seal going to help construct bunk beds this Saturday approx. 1030. Also Meal Train (contact Boomhauer/Seal)

Always an honor and a privilege, till next time, SYITG brothers…..

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