Circuit Work

  • Workout Date - 02/28/2019
  • Q In Charge - Kindergarten Cop
  • The PAX - Lavar Burton, Spandex, Courtesy Flush, Chubbs, Play Doh, Duggar, FNG (Stroke Seat)
  • AO - The Station

YHC was a little surprised to see a smaller turnout this morning after having 15 guys out on Tuesday.  I’m thinking that Chubbs accomplished his goal and had everyone feeling awfully sore in the chest and triceps regions.  No matter, my spirits were lifted when I saw that we had an FNG.  That did call for some modification though so that the group could stay together and not run off too far.

Mission and disclaimer were given.

Warm Up

20 x SSH IC

15 x IW IC

20 Arm Circles OYO

Mosey up to the path behind Namaste where the PAX discovered why YHC had parked above the circle for a change.  Blocks and a tire were laid out to make a circuit of 5 stations.  Each station was designed for a group of 3.  We went with two groups of 3 and one group of 2.

Station 1- Two partners flip a tire back and forth while the third partner completes 25 merkins.  Flip flop.

Station 2- Two partners perform toe taps while the third partner completes 25 squats with a block.  Flip flop.

Station 3-  Two partners perform pattie cake planks while the third partner completes 25 overhead press with a block.  Flip flop.

Station 4-  Two partners perform SSH while the third partner completes 50 curls with the block.  Flip flop.

Station 5-  Two partners perform flutters while the third partner completes 25 Big Boy Sit Ups.  Flip flop.

Mosey over to the promenade.  Starting at the nearest bench perform 1 burpee and then lunge walk to the next bench.  Perform 2 burpees and lunge walk to the next bench.  Continue adding a burpee at each bench until you reach the entrance to the park and complete a set of 6 burpees.

Mosey back to the stations for another round.  This round do sets of 15 for all exercises except curls.  Do 30 curls.  YHC got a little happy when my partners finished their merkins and proceeded to put the tire away out of kindness.  Unfortunately I forgot that each group had one more station to complete.  We didn’t have too many complaints and just a few sighs of relief.  Unfortunately we still had some time left.

Mosey to the gazebo.  Partner up and complete 10 strict full extension pull ups.  Partner can assist.  I always find these much harder than they should be.  Going slow and all the way down is super tough, unless you’re Duggar.

Joe Hendrix up the steps by the Cannon Center and mosey back to the circle.


Captain Thor up to 5 x 20 then back down.

10 Burpees owed for a train that came by earlier.

Plank it up for the final minute.


Prayers for Lavar’s daughter Rose as well as Chubb’s wife and her pregnancy.

Welcome Stroke Seat who will hopefully forgive us for the quick naming after he used the name in telling us about his rowing history.  It was good to have him out and hopefully we will see him a lot more.

It was a pleasure to lead, especially on a rare day with no rain.

Until next time….



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