Circuit training betwixt the hills at Golden Strip

  • Workout Date - 05/01/2018
  • Q In Charge - Benign
  • The PAX - Bambi, Mary (respect), WiFi (respect), 1 Direction, Strange Brew (respect), NYOPT, Urban, Sammy, YHC
  • AO - Golden Strip

9 PAX thought that it was in their best interest to skip Road Trip’s birthday Q at Pitchfork (YHC hears that it was turrible) and instead posted at Golden Strip, the original suburban AO for F3 Swamp Rabbit.  The fun and games ended fairly quickly.

Mission: The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer: Fact- I am not a professional.



Monkey humpers x 15 IC

Imperial walkers x 25 IC

SSH x 25 IC

Windmills x 25 IC

Merkins x 10 IC



Mosey around the front parking lot and meet at the running track for circuit training.

Round 1: Start with 20 hand-release merkins and 20 BBSUs OYO.  Run halfway around the track and do 15 hand-release merkins and 15 BBSUs OYO.  Run back to the starting point and do 10 hand-release merkins and 10 BBSUs OYO.  Run halfway around the track and do 5 hand-release merkins and 5 BBSUs OYO.  Finish back at the starting point.  Mosey to the playground for round 2.

Round 2: Start with 5 pullups.  Run to the picnic tables and do 20 (10 each leg) single-leg lunges with foot on the bench.  Run to the stairs and do 20 calf raises.  For subsequent laps do 4/16/16, 3/12/12, 2/8/8, and 1/4/4.  Mosey to the benches behind the school for round 3.

Round 3: Find a bench for Double D’s (Mary got excited at this point only to find out that this stands for Dips and Derkins).  Do 20 dips then 20 derkins OYO.  Then do 15/15, 10/10, and 5/5, all OYO.  Mosey to cleavage (the area between the two big hills) for round 4.

Round 4: Do 20 Bobby Hurleys then jailbreak to the top and do 15 more.  Mosey to the bottom for 10 more and jailbreak back to the top for 5 more.  Mosey back down to the bottom for plank variations.  Mosey back to the flag for Mary.



Flutters x 55 IC (Urban: “Somebody turn him off!”)

LBCs x 30 IC


Circle of Trust:


-Greenville War Fund 5K 5/19.  F3 Swamp Rabbit should dominate this event.

Prayer requests / praises:

-Andrew Brunson (American missionary imprisoned in Turkey)

-Mary’s 2.0 graduating from high school

-All the men who are not yet in F3 but need to be


As always, it is a pleasure to lead!




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