Circle Up On Me

  • Workout Date - 04/28/2015
  • Q In Charge - Semper
  • The PAX - Bunyan, Cataract, Clapper, Squeal, Rusty, Sanchez, Snip It, Montross
  • AO -

3 PAX, started  5 joined in a couple minutes late(you owe me some suicides) for a fast paced, cinderblock filled , chilly morning beatdown.


Hit the ground running(literally) forget SSH, for now. 5 court suicides. #heavybreathing, SSH x25 IC , Hello Dollies x25.

5 court suicide. SSH x30  Hello Rosilitas x30

Mosey to the playground, #circleuponme for Pullups x10, Swekins x10. Dips x15

Mosey to the back of YHC truck #mumblechatter , pick up cinderblocks and mosey to the top of Semper’s Hill painstation, #circleuponme.  BlockSquats x25, BlockSquats, over heard lift things 6 1/2 count, x7? 8? #fail #mummblechatter #itworkedinmyhead

Grab blocks and run down the hill. Spread out for a round of “Granny throw the cinderblock up the hill, bear crawl to the block” Plank at the top. BlockSquats x34 Run down the hill.

#circleuponme JackWebbs, up to 5, then 5 one more time, then back down #Qcantcount

reunite with blocks throw them up the hill and bear crawl to this blocks. Arm circles at the top. #circleuponme BlockSquats x25. leave the blocks at the top and run down the hill. Line up on the path and Merkins IC x 20. Move seamlessly to plank jacks x 10. Run up the Hill, 10 Burpees at the top. With the blocks, BlockSquats x25 Block airpresses x20. Take blocks back down the hill, then throw them back up, this time sprinting up behind them.   #circleuponme At the top plank on your block, then move into block Diamond Merkins x 10 .  grab your blocks and mosey ever so awkwardly back to the truck. #circleuponme at the tennis court for :


Flutters x30

Hello Dollies x20

LBC IC x25

Backscratchers X20

PLank  1 min, move to elbow plank, move to elbowplank jacks x10 #done #smoked #timeflies


Prayers for Bunyan’s Nephew



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