Circle of Fire in the Upstate

  • Workout Date - 09/19/2015
  • Q In Charge - Jekyll
  • The PAX - White Walker, Nature Boy #respect, Church Lady, Sai, Soul Plane, #respectrespect, Twerkin, Beverly Hills Ninja #hatehatehate, Little Blue Pill, Certas, Homeward Bound, Trumpet #respect
  • AO -

Beautiful morning in the #gloom for some pain.  A strong crew of 12 #HIM (High Impact Men) posted at #legacy.  Some had read the pre-blast, others were about to find out what was in store.  Many of us have been running and training for weeks and months for the BRR- except for @Twerkin- he just felt like running (Forest Gump Style).  So today’s Circle of Fire (Named aptly by @Dredd) was the antithesis of that- strength baby, strength.

Introductions and appreciation for letting me guest Q.  I forgot to do an official disclaimer but warning of the cinder blocks and modifications were dispersed .

Active warmup with Karaoke, butt kickers, toy soldiers, high knees, SSH, IW

6 cinderblocks in the center of the field.  A circle of 8 cones with an exercise set 20 yards from the flag.  All exercises double count (4 count) unless noted:  25 LBC, 25 Peter Parker, 25 Freddys, 30 Mountain Climbers, 30 Lunges, 30 Plank Punches, 25 squats (single count), 15 Merkin.

Complete cone, bear crawl to center, 10 cinderblock burpees, run out to next cone.  Rinse/Repeat around the circle until or complete or 8:00.


Praises to meeting a great group of men today and the opportunity and platform that F3 has provided to do such.  Good fellowship in the #ring with lots of encouragement and common goal.  Coffeeteria continued the 2nd F and getting to know our brothers.

See you on my next visit, gents.



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