Ciabatta….er….Tabata Time

  • Workout Date - 12/11/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Earthmover (WD), Wilson, Mr Kotter, Homeward Bound, Slurpee, Zip It, Footloose, Pledge, Radar, NSA, Obama (aka Gargamel), Blue Hawaii (aka Millimeter), Slap Chop, Garth Beiber, Iceman
  • AO -

15 men made the decision to leave a warm bed to get the week and New Year started off the right way, with brothers in the #gloom. This was a #Burbs greatest hits of sorts, hitting most of the tried and true #painstations…..

The Thang

Slow Ct merkins x12 #mumblechatter on the first exercise #success!!
Prisoner Squats x12
Enough of that – we’ve got a lot to do in the next 40mins. Mosey to the brick pile…

The rest of the workout will be #tabata style
30 secs of reps, 10 secs rest x3 rounds per exercise. After the 3rd round of each exercise, we did an untimed exercise.
Curls (w/ cinderblock)
15 derkins
Squats (w/ cinderblock)
15 derkins
Plank shoulder touches
15 derkins

Mosey to the parking lot
Mtn Climbers
backwards run up the hill
Jump squats
mosey down the hill
Heels to heaven
backwards run up the hill

Mosey to the front of the Church by the rails
Burpees #crowdpleaser
15 supine pullups (P1 planked while P2 finished pullups – flapjack)
Backward lunge
15 supine pullups (P1 planked while P2 finished pullups – flapjack)
Freddy Mercs
15 supine pullups running short on time and still one station to go so scratched the last set of pullups

Mosey to the back of the Church by the steps
6″ medley (low, 45*, split leg)
Joe Hendricks (P1 did Joe Hendricks, P2 peoples chair – flapjack)
Plank Jacks
Joe Hendricks (P1 did Joe Hendricks, P2 peoples chair – flapjack)

Ran out of time for the 3rd round – head back to the circle for COT/BOM

Observations from the Gloom
– Good to see @Radar and @Pledge this morning. The latter lives as close as anyone to #TheBurbs so should be a regular #hinthint
– The #GreerBoys know way too much about each other. @BlueHawaii and @NSA particularly with talk of #Bricksize and such.
– @Footloose accused me of preferential treatment when I chose my #doppelganger as a partner #dumbluck
– We need more bricks at the #brickpile. Slim pickings with 15 guys #goodproblemtohave
– @BlueHawaii was dressed as if it was 10* with a 0* wind chill. #Sumterboysdon’tlikecold #it’sNotTightsWeatherYet #SlapChopwasinshorts&shortsleeves
– I like tabata style workouts but don’t like having to use my phone (for the timer). #necessaryevil

– @Wilson competing in the Harbison 50k this weekend
– Continued for @GCOD with their adoption of Dennis
– Reach out to someone you haven’t talked with in a while. Hold them accountable (co-worker, friend, family member)

– Drifter
– 1/23 convergence at #StarCommand for Padre (Rock Hill and Fort Mill coming over for the workout)
– Get your goals written down and shared with someone that will hold you #accountable

See ya in the gloom…..


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