Christmas Caroling

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  • Workout Date - 12/19/2016
  • Q In Charge - BOGO
  • The PAX - Abacus, Beanie Weenie, Clarinet, Fargo, Francis, Governor, Grizzly, Mr. Belding, Partner, Waterboy, Whittle, BOGO
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12 PAX stepped into the breezy, Monday gloom with just 6 days standing between them and Christmas. YHC had originally planned a sick 12 Days of Christmas workout but discovered several weeks ago that… so had everyone else.

I had two choices: either plunge into the black hole of grinchitude or muster up some Christmas cheer in spite of it all. I chose the latter.

In my quest to bring back the spirit, Buddy the Elf’s words of wisdom rang in my ears: “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”

To that end, I led the PAX on a caroling journey to find the jingle bell joy. First the prelude…



  • Windmill – 10 IC
  • Cherry Picker – 10 IC
  • Hillbilly – 15 IC
  • SSH – 20 IC


The Thang

Mosey to the block pile.

1. First up on the peppermint playlist – “Blockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”

  • M60 Curls (low, high, full x 20)
  • Overhead Press x 20
  • Tricep Extensions x 20
  • Lat Pulls x 20
  • Upright Rows x 20

Rinse and repeat – A.K.A “Jingle Bell Block”

Mosey to the concrete bleachers.


2. The next entry to our merry medley – “Joe to the World”

Joe Hendricks up the concrete steps (40ish stairs total).

Walk down stairs.


3. Next on the candy cane countdown – “Leg it Snow, Leg it Snow, Leg it Snow”

  • Boxy Hurleys – Squat dto slap the ground, box jump up to the next step (20ish).
  • Smurf Jacks – 20 IC
  • 1:4 – Squats and Step-ups with a box jump up after every set (Up to 5:20)

Mosey outside the fence to the weight room wall.


4. Fourth on the poinsettia potpourri – “Deck the Walls”

Bears to the wall

  • Start in plank position about 15 feet from the wall.
  • Do 1 Merkin at the bottom.
  • Bear crawl backwards towards the wall into balls to the wall position.
  • At the top, do 1 DC Alternating Shoulder Touch.
  • Bear crawl back down the wall and then 15 feet to the starting position.
  • Rinse and repeat increasing reps up to 5 each.


5. The final stop on our mistletoe mash-up – “Mary Did You Know?”

  • Flutters – 20 IC
  • Jackknives – 20 IC
  • Dying Cockroach – 20 IC
  • Box Cutter – 10 IC
  • Reverse Box Cutter – 10 IC
  • Sweat Angel – 10 IC




  • Tommy’s Ham House 5k – Christmas Eve – 6am. Bring $8.50 in cash.


  • Al Borland healing up from month of various sicknesses.
  • Clarinet knows a volunteer from church whose suitemate’s mom has a kidney issue.

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