Christmas Around the World

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  • Workout Date - 12/08/2022
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Quick Warmup:

20x SSH

The Thang:

The 8 Countries

(for reference the Matinee Shovel Flag is always planted by the Shakespearean Stage)

  1. Nepal – Top of Left Side Stairs
  2. China – Bottom Wall
  3. Holland – Across river lower bridge
  4. Switzerland – Top of grassy hill
  5. France – Bottom left grassy area
  6. USA – Across grassy area under Liberty Bridge
  7. Canada – Top of stairs from USA
  8. Egypt – Back to Start (ShovelFlag area)

Exercises for each Country

  1. 20x Mt. Everest Mountain Climbers
  2. 20 OYO Great Wall Jumps
  3. 20x Don Quixotes
  4. 20x Alps Ski Lunges
  5. Leap frog to next country
  6. 20x American Hammers
  7. Polar Bear Crawl to next country
  8. Pyramid Merkins

Draw one of the following cards from Santa’s sack after performing exercise for that country

  1. Sleigh gets stuck – Do 15 squats before moving on
  2. Scrooge card – 10 hand release merkins
  3. 10 Burpees – just because…well burpees
  4. Claus called. “Why aren’t you home yet?” – 10x Elf jacks (smurf jacks)
  5. Rudolf’s nose stops glowing – go back 2 countries
  6. Forgot the presents at Santa’s workshop! Go back to Start!
  7. The other reindeer laughed at Rudolf again – Repeat this country while they are in time out
  8. Yuck! Fruitcake! – 20 Freddy Mercurys
  9. You’ve been up all night and no one thought to make you coffee – 20 buttkickers
  10. Shh! Don’t wake the dog- Freeze and plank for 1 minute
  11. Santa ate carrots instead of cookies. Celebrate his healthy choices – 10x Side Straddle Hop
  12. So many cookies – 20 Big boy sit ups
  13. Scrooge card – 10 Burpees before moving on
  14. Presents fall out of the sleigh! – Double reps at next country

Here’s how this Christmas played out!

  1. Ran up the stairs to Nepal – 20x Mountain Climbers – 10x SSH
  2. Down the stairs to China – 20 OYO Wall Jumps – 10 Hand release Merkins
  3. Across the bridge to Holland – 20x Don Quixotes – 20x Freddie Mercury
  4. Back across the bridge to Switzerland (I totally missed the Swiss Alps and went to France. I didn’t even realize until writing this backblast. I guess if Switzerland wasn’t always so neutral!)  Lots of spectators today to see a bunch of grown men, some with Rucks, playing leap frog across the park to USA
  5. In USA – 20x American Hammers – 10 Burpees OYO
  6. Up the stairs to Canada – Bear Crawl down the trail to Egypt (the start)
  7. In Egypt – Pyramid merkins – 5 merkins, 5 air (ruck) press, 4 merkins, 4 air (ruck) press, and so on to 1 – Reindeer Repeato!
  8. Up the stairs to Nepal – 20x Mountain Climbers – Whoops! Back down the stairs to the start
  9. Ok now back up the stairs to Nepal – 20x Mountain Climbers – Dang it! Back 2 countries to Canada
  10. Canada – bear crawl to Egypt
  11. Egypt – Pyramid merkins from 5 to 1 – 10x Elf jacks
  12. Back up to Nepal – 20x mountain climbers – 1 min plank


Out of time – head down to the flag for COT

COT:  Yentil’s friend’s daughter’s healthy recovery from fall and unspoken prayers.

Announcements:  Pacer still looking for a 4th person for the Green Beret Challenge in Atlanta

Team RWB and Spearhead BrewRuck Jan 23 Downtown Greenville