Choose Wisely – Merkin Smoke Ahead

  • Workout Date - 08/04/2016
  • Q In Charge - Whisper
  • The PAX - Squid, Crackers (2nd post), Look Out Below, Thumper, Pastrami (hate), Hulk Smash (respect), Whisper (YHC)
  • AO -

A damp rainy morning and 7 PAX ventured out into the gloom. Weather radar looked like the rain was mostly finished. YHC had (2) wenkies so the PAX got to choose between a 2.0 and a 0.0. Like the old knight in the grail chamber said, “Choose wisely.” They went with 0.0. Mumblechatter indicated they chose poorly. It was a bit of a ruse anyway since the 2.0 will come out at a future post. Here’s the playlist.

SSH x 25 IC
Imperial Walker x 20 IC

Ruckers grabbed their rucks and we moved to the overhang by the lingerie shop (no comment).
Pair up for Lazy Dora (a deceptively misnamed regimen.)
• 100 merkins, PAX1 does 10 merkins while PAX 2 planks. Then flipflop to 100 total.
• 200 LBC’s, P1 does 20 cnt, P2 holds 6in.
• 300 squats, P1 does 25 cnt, P2 people’s chair or wall sit. Plenty of smoke here.

What goes up …
• 300 air presses, P1 does 25 cnt, P2 planks.
• 200 American Hammers, P1 does 20 cnt, P2 holds 6in
• 100 Monkey Humpers, P1 does 10 cnt, P2 squat hold.

Merkin Smoke
All were AMRAP to failure
Round 1
• Derkins
• 1 leg merkin
• Inchworms
Round 2
• Hand release merkin
• Hand switches/shoulder touches
• Mountain climbers

Michelin 5k – Aug. 20
Spartan Races

Pastrami headed to The Citadel
YHC took us out

Always a pleasure gentlemen. SYITG

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