Choir Practice at Pitchfork

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  • Workout Date - 10/26/2021
  • Q In Charge - RoadTrip (Church Lady)
  • The PAX - Church Lady, Turtle Wax Cyclone, Cockpit, Peekaboo, Dusty, Heidi, Help Desk, Wifi, Flo, Red Ryder, Handrail, Benign, Whisper, Pine Tar, Chubbs, Toll Booth
  • AO - Pitchfork

Welcome to RT’s Annual Halloween Costume Party. As always, costumes are required and secret messages have been swirling with instructions to dress like your favorite PAX for this years party. As YHC rolled up on site, I immediately noticed several white tees glowing like blacklights at a techno. Then uncharacteristically early, the unmistakable faint silhouette of Church Lady emerges from the shadows of the dark…oh wait, that’s Benign. One by one, more silhouettes emerge, but no Church Lady or was it? No, turns out he took Big Perm to the Hornets game in Charlotte last night, which went into overtime and put Church to bed shortly after midnight. And if you know Church, swim meets that end at 9:30pm usually call for a fartsack.

However, warm ups were underway when Church Lady arrived right on time…in the middle of jumping jacks. Then, just as methodically planned, the parking lot lights came on and PAX suddenly found themselves in the middle of Times Square surrounded by “I LOVE NY” tees, plus the crown jewel “Malibu” tee and some wife beater tees to round off the Church lady White Out. The only thing missing was the infamous Naked Cowboy…or Look Out Below. That’s right Church Ladies everywhere. It could just as easily have been choir practice as it was a workout. HAL-LE-LU-JAH. I don’t know, but I think that would qualify as a 2nd, and quite possibly a 3rd F. Well, looks like it’s time to get this party started.

CONDITIONS – 55 degrees with a welcoming breeze that fuels the treadmill in Whisper

MISSION & DISCLAIMER – We know why we are here, just don’t get hurt on my watch.

SSH – x 20 IC
Hillbilly – x 20 IC
B9 Back Breakers – x 20 IC

Grab your water bottles (wait, we all have water bottles too?) and mosey to the wall
– 20 Muscle Ups
– Run to the cross walk
– 10 BBSU
– 20 Flutters
– 30 LBCs
Run back to the wall and repeat 2x more times (3 Rounds Total)

Grab your water bottles and mosey to the Basketball Court for some “Dr. Phil Drills”
Line up on 1 side of the court
Run to the other side
Perform 3 squats
Run back to the start
Repeat 7x more times

Find a spot for Merkin / Mt Climber 11’s – Remain in plank position for the duration
Begin with
1 Merkin : 10 Mt Climbers
End with
10 Merkins : 1 Mt Climber

Line up for another round of Dr. Phil Drills (see above)

Grab your water bottles and mosey to the Track
Start with
1 Squat + 1 Lunge (ea leg)
2 Squat + 2 Lunges (ea leg) and so on
Increase reps until we reach the bleachers
Most Church Ladies reached 10, some got to 11

Take a lap around the track to shake the legs out

Find a bench
10 Dips + 10 Derkins
15 Dips + 15 Derkins
20 Dips + 20 Derkins
10 Dips + 10 Derkins

Grab your water bottles and mosey back to the flags were the costume requirements were evaluated. Unfortunately, some PAX were out of (Church Lady) costume including the real Church lady, so a 5 burpee penalty per uncostumed PAX was accessed for a total of 15 burpees. In all fairness, they were not aware of the requirements and YHC would have tricked you into 15 burpees anyway. But where there are tricks, there is also treats…count off as the Trick or Treat bucket is passed around. In closing, there is only 1 Church Lady and we all love him and glad he’s a good sport as we all paid tribute to him. Save your shirt and we can make it an annual tradition.

10/27 – F3 Happy Hour @ Yee-Haw downtown (hosted by F3 main Thang)
10/28 – Fri Q with Pine Tar (or CC run at Java Bistro)
10/30 – Sat Q with Red Ryder (run option @ 0530)
11/6 – Dirt-a-lope @0600 Cleveland Park picnic shelter #6, near Heart Sculpture close to Cleveland Park Animal Hospital. Check for more details or sign up here

Dusty shared the inspiration of what brought him out this morning – 2 weeks ago, his dad (F3 Holy Water) passed away at 56. He celebrated his 7 year F3 anniversary back in August. This past Saturday, he was in Chapin to help complete some yard word work when the Chapin F3 group came out and helped trim hedges, cut grass, lay pine straw, etc.

RT Out #FreeBritney