Choices, Decisions & Excuses: Settle for Less, or Suffer for What's Best

  • Workout Date - 05/23/2015
  • Q In Charge - TRI-QICs including Duplo, Gluten and Slug
  • The PAX - Duplo, WB - Slug, and WD - Gluten (respect)
  • AO -

Amazing what a PAX of three can accomplish without even ‘weinke’ to keep us on track for a boot camp style workout that’s only ‘supposed’ to last for 60 minutes. YHC, had thoughts of joining some brothers over at Legacy, but one became two that became three and with the PowderKeg fuse lit, it was no excuses… let’s suffer for what’s BEST! Here’s how it went down:


  • SSH, IC X 25
  • IW, IC X 25
  • Wind Mill, IC X 25
  • Mountain Climbers – audible change to Peter Parkers, IC x 25
  • Monkey Humpers, IC X 25


We’re sufficiently warmed up, so time to mosey round the church to the bottom steps for some…

  • Joe Hendricks or Backward Bear Crawl up steps OYO through all three tiers with lunge walk, reverse lunge walk and Bear Crawl to church front entrance. yes it was good to get this out of the way early in the workout!
  • ROF Standard Mericans 3 sets, OYO, but sequential… from plank position leader begins just 3 merkins and brother to the right begins his three as you complete your three and so on. It was apparent that three sets were not enough. Audible was called to keep it going! We did, and finally after 6 (or maybe 7) sets there was enough sweat drops on the pavement to mosey on to another pain variation. Duplo led the mosey up to the Pic-a-nic Shelter
  • Elevens, OYO Dips & LBCs what a combo! Slug started talking about a Jack Webb, but the concrete floor was going to be rough for YHCs knees while doing those Air Presses, so Slug led a mosey over to some soft ground over at the right back corner of the church near the dumpster…
  • Jack Webb 1:4 ratio Mericans to Air Presses. We took to all the way to 10 Mericans and you know what that means… yep, 40 of those Air Presses! And yes, Slug made sure we worked it back down as soon as we checked the time. Amazing… coming down from 10 to 1 Mericans only took 7 minutes… a real burner!  #crowdpleaser Slug and/or Duplo mentioned Step Ups at the curb next to the basketball court… hmmm, we need a timer! Gluten? Sure thing.
  • Step Ups (aka Ciabattas?) 3 sets, each one lasting a minute. Sure thing to keep the heart rate up! Slug just had to mention seeing a water fountain (it became a focal point) after the 1st set. By this time we were wondering if it worked. After the 2nd set, Duplo checked. Nope! Let’s get this 3rd set done! Maybe it will be time for some Mary! Nope. Not yet, but Slug had a good suggestion…
  • Jump Squats, OYO the length of Basketball Court… and back! Legs are really burning now. Let’s mosey back to where we started… more like let’s walk…

6 (or was it 9) MOM

Gluten remembered a core exercise Slug had done before that isolates the left and right side abdominals so after a demonstration it was

  • Abdominal Isolation Crunch, IC X15 for each side. Duplo mentioned reverse LBCs and Slug wasn’t too happy, but…
  • Reverse LBCs, IC X 20. Then Slug threw something at us that was similar to boat/canoe, only you clap you hands behind the back of your thigh…
  • Unnamed PAIN, IC X 20, sorta previously described… time for Gluten to get back in on the action. He called for the Flutter Kicks to hopefully seal the deal.
  • Flutter Kicks, IC X 15 – let’s check the clock hoping it’s 8am… Yes! We earned extra credit. It’s 8:03am! We’re done.

After quick name-a-rama, announcements about Memorial Day weekend workout opportunities, and prayer requests for our F3 Brothers who are MIA; Duplo’s sister -in- law recovering from surgery and great #ISI encouragement on other prayer concerns, YHC prayed us out so we could begin the rest of our Memorial Day weekend! Be sure to remember those who gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy. Freedom isn’t free! Always a pleasure to post with my Brothers of F3NATION!



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