Chock Full o Nuts

  • Workout Date - 08/18/2014
  • Q In Charge - Floppy
  • The PAX - Wrinkle, Punch Out, Annie Oakley, Widget, Wiki, Grid, Hard Hat, Banjo, Longbottom, Floppy
  • AO -

Ten faithful jumped the fence to post to YHC’s VQ.  What follows is an eyewitness account and should not be interpreted as hard-fact; details will be revised as they become apparent (please comment):

Warm-up (6:37)
Imperial Walkers (IW)
Jumping Imperial Walkers
Side Straddle Hop (SSH)
Fairy Jacks
Toe Yodas
Supermans (weak, buying time)
Static Squat (like a downhill tuck)
Jumping Air Squats
Jumping Lunges
Plank until 6:37
Run Home…

The Thang

After a brief protest we shortened the “loop” to include only the infield which got further shortened into an oblong circle around the pitchers mound but I believe everyone got equally smoked:

1. Fireman’s Carry around the infield, switch at 2nd base
2. Too easy so repeat fireman’s carry around the infield (Hard Hat with his first of several strong showings)
3. Bear Crawl, partner lunges (good suggestion anyway)
4. Backward Bear Crawl (meant to be 6th, sorry)
5. Burpee Broad Jump
6. Jumping Lunges (THERE it is)
7. One more fireman’s carry

Mosey to school play equipment (not church playground)…

1. 20 pullups per team, run to undisclosed location (sorry about that)
2. 100 merkins per team, run to clock
3. 200 flutters, Repeat until 6:03 (we did two laps)

Mosey back to infield for some eliminator games…

1. One partner holds plank while the other flutters, switch once (nice suggestion Hard Hat)
WINNER: Hard Hat & Banjo

2. On partner holds plank while the other squats, switch once
WINNER: Not a lot of skiers in the PAX…LongBottom and partner maybe?

3. Parallel Fairy Jacks (every goes at same time, last man jumping wins for his team)
WINNER: Hard Hat & Banjo maybe? Too tired, forgot to look.


I had a lot of fun and appreciate the patience of the PAX.  I threw a lot in here to see what works.  The C2C at the school worked best and I will allocated more time for that next time.

Announcements (partial, light flashing when recording)

Wednesday 5:30 PM Back-to-school party and cookout (bring at least one kid I guess!)

Edwards Road Baptist Church is running a soccer league for K4-6th grade, signup ends today so comment below if interested and I’ll get you signed up.

Third F at Tupelo Honey, 11:45 AM – 12:30 PM, book of Romans

Prayer Requests

PRAISE for men willing to invest in the lives of others. Wiki has earned enough trust to be on the receiving end of phone calls of men struggling at home. We’ve all been there and know how important it is to have someone to call.

PRAISE for men willing to move boldly through life looking for more responsibilities at work. Pray that HardHat has success with his career moves and God is honored through is words and actions during this process.

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