CheeseSteak’s Last Stand

  • Workout Date - 12/31/2019
  • Q In Charge - PineTar
  • The PAX - CheeseSteak (2r), Mrs. Potts, Soccer Mom, Whisper (r), Cocoon, Dexter, Pet Stain, Padre, Mint Julep, ShortBarrel, Dr. Phil, PunchList, LookOutBelow, Benign, Cyclone, RoadTrip, Zebco (hate), Mac, Lt. Dangle, Turban, Peekaboo, YHC
  • AO - Pitchfork

22 PAX said goodbye to 2019 and our War Daddy, CheeseSteak (2r) as he has finally sold his house and is moving to Georgia.  As the creedo goes, leave no man behind, and leave no man where you found him.  CheeseSteak is certainly not where we found him – having lost 30 lbs and going from barely making a 1/4 mile lap to being the rabbit out in front and Q’ing workouts left and right.  And, if you pushed him hard enough in your Q, you earned yourself a chest punch like no other.  Good bye for now, but hope to see you again ITG on an occasional trip back to the SwampRabbit / Golden Strip area.   You will be missed.  We even sent him off with a brand new, F3 autographed ass-pad, which he claims he will proudly display in his new home.  Now, enough mush – let’s get down to business.

Weather – 38 degrees, breezy

Mission – nailed it

Disclaimer – far from professional – don’t get hurt trying to out-do the 65 yr old


SSH x 25 IC

HillyBilly Two Step x 20 IC

Popeye Punches x 20 IC

Monkey Humpers x 15 IC


Mosey to the brick wall for some 11’s – Muscle-ups and BBSU

Mosey to the speedway for a mini modified DORA. Partner up

50 Burpess  /  100 lunges (each leg  /  150 LBC’s

Next, YHC struggled with this the night before preparing, but managed to pull it off – it went like this, and i am not sure how many picked up on it –

Global Warming – circle up, assume the Al Gore position and shuffle to the right until Q shouts exercise (Mtn Climbers x 20)  Return to Al Gore and shuffle to the left until Q shouts exercise (Plank Jacks x 20).  Repeato one time

Obama – several right wing conservatives were disturbed and wondered why there was such a named exercise.  YHC explained he was the 44th president, so assume bear crawl position and crawl forward.  On the 4th hand movement, drop for 4 merkins.  Repeato for 5 sets of merkins

Outlaws – flutter position.  Rotate legs counter clock wise 10 times, then clockwise 10 times

Derkins – toes on the sidewalk  x 20, OMC

Burpess x 10

Y-raises (AKA Superman).  On your belly, raise arms up on Q’s command for timed intervals

Everyone take 2 laps and mosey back to the flags.


Capt Thor (American Hammers and BBSU 4 – 1 ratio).  Up to 5/20

Flutter Kicks x 25

ANNC – FIA/F3 convergence New Years Day at Legacy at 7am.  2.0’s welcome, ShortBarrel is looking for a P200 team to join.

PRAYERS – Peekaboo’s in-laws, Lt Dangle’s co-worker praise for triple by-pass going well, prayers for recovery, prayers to CheeseSteak and Mrs. CheeseSteak as they enter a new chapter in life down in GA.


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