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  • Workout Date - 08/24/2015
  • Q In Charge - No Strings Attached
  • The PAX - Earthmover, Wilson, Kipper, Slap Chop, Trumpet, Homeward Bound, Mystery PAX, NSA
  • AO -

Conditions: Just right; smelled like football


-15 Imperial Walkers, IC
-10 burpees per min for 5 min


Mosey with YHC as he begins the tour at our newly installed pull-up bars, featuring solid 4X4 construction, an adjacent chain-link fence (for those requiring assistance), and wider-than-normal grip width bars, all boldly positioned around 9′ off the ground.

All PAX complete 3 sets until failure while those in line lunged in place

Follow YHC down to the newly renovated lower free weights and aerobic center. Square footage was reduced during the renovation, however the new ledge cinder blocks were set solid side up, greatly reducing hazards previously experienced during several exercises.

11s with double count step ups and derkins on wall

Next, YHC invites you to follow him up to the front of the property to experience the secondary activity space, outfitted with bars/railing. Management is currently considering offering Pure Barre classes in this area, which will probably be lead by Blue Hawaii.

Grab some railing, perform rows on YHC’s count: “up, down”, hold at the top until YHC says “down”
Perform 10 reps, then all PAX run a “fast” lap around the church. At the end of the lap, turn around. When the winner gets to 2nd place, do a burpee, both run backwards to the 3rd man. Continue until all PAX are rounded-up.
Rinse and Repeat X3

If the PAX will please follow YHC to the main meeting area, he will conclude the tour. He’s sure you will enjoy the amenities here at The ‘Burbs, but is certain you will love the sense of community.

Line up on parking space. 5 plank shoulder touches, run 2 spaces, increase by 5 each time all the way to 30.


-10 V-ups OYO, crowd pleaser
-20 Freddies, IC
-20 erectors


-Capital T-claps to Kipper, who was safe from pistol fire and a little heavier the whole workout. In true beastmode form, he knocked out 15 pull-ups on set 1 and kept up with naked YHC for most of the Q.

-YHC was really glad to Q at The ‘Burbs. He wished he got out there more often these days. ‘Burbs guys = strong, fast and steady.


-Q school is coming up on 8/31, contact Double Aught for details.
-The 9 man BRR team still needs a driver!

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