Charlotte Summer GORUCK Custom Challenge

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We have partnered with GORUCK to design a custom event for August 2nd, 2013 in Charlotte, NC. F3 is targeting a team of 30 brothers that will make up the next graduating class of GORUCK Tough.

What is a GORUCK Challenge

The GORUCK Challenge is a team event, never a race. Think of it as a slice of Special Operations training where – from start to finish — a Special Operations Cadre challenges, teaches, and inspires your small team to do more than you ever thought possible. Leadership is taught and teamwork is demanded on missions spanning the best of your city. The hardest part? Signing up.

This is a team event that you must complete with your F3 brothers that will take you on an overnight tour of Charlotte that will last 8-10 hrs (under promise, over deliver). By completing the event you will earn your GORUCK tough patch and allow you to participate in future events we are planning such as their Scavenger, Navigator, etc.


For the August 2013 Challenge, F3 has partnered with GORUCK for a custom, F3-specific GORUCK Challenge. What this means:

  • Time and date: Friday evening 8/2/2013 (time and location TBD).
  • GORUCK will assign an F3-specific cadre.
  • GORUCK will work with me (& others) on a custom course.
  • GORUCK will create a custom website to coordinate our participants.
  • GORUCK will provide F3 with discounted gear upon registration. We communicate this the week of 5/20
  • F3 will receive flat fee entry fees. You MUST register via PayPal with F3 to participate (see form below). Comment below once you have signed up.

Make the Hard Commitment

Buy Now to reserve your spot by 05/21/2013. We need numbers up front to secure our custom event. Entry is $90.00 (a substantial discount off the current retail price for the GRC) . Join me. Aye!

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56 thoughts on “Charlotte Summer GORUCK Custom Challenge”

    1. BTB (Bob The Builder)

      I’m trying to get ready for my first GRC in Wilmington on 6/21 – so if you want to get an early start with the punishment and downPAINment let me know. Basically – I’m looking for people to inflict mass amounts of punishment on me, but I’m afraid to put that up on a classified ad.

      1. I’m always ready for some Cadre fun. Name the time and place and I will make it really really unpleasant for everyone. Sundays at 5am at the gravel lot were best for the Class 421, but open to other times as well.

        1. I hope that for the sake of your gas bills, you are not still carrying around that massive body bag of whatever that was in your trunk. That thing might have been my least favorite part of both training and the event.

        2. BTB (Bob The Builder)

          I’m ready to start some early morning pain, and I will pass on the recommendation to the other guys doing the 6/21 GRC in Wilmington. We should be able to put together a small group. What’s your email address?

      1. Up in the air. I dont see why not, but Im going to make a decision about 2 weeks prior. Trying to spend the summer getting ready for fall races, and I have a lot of physical therapy sessions in between that! 5 hours should be a no brainer though.

  1. Good luck, brothers. We are less than 3 weeks aways from the GRC Raleigh edition on 5/25. Any Charlotte-area Pax that want an early start on training (and some quality 1st and 2nd F) are welcome to join us as we head into our final push. If you happen to be in Raleigh or just want to make a special trip, we’ve got ruck training sessions scheduled for this Thursday (5/9) @ 5am, this Saturday (5/11) @ 5 am and next Wednesday (5/15) @ 5am, all of which are followed by regular workouts.

  2. BTB (Bob The Builder)

    For those who are not aware – a number of us signed up for the GORUCK Light on 7/6/2013 in Charlotte. This will be a nice stepping stone up to the GRC.

  3. Paid! What was I thinking…somebody said “If it interests you but scares the h#ll out of you at the same time you should do!” Thats when I knew I had to hard commit!

    1. A man will do a heckuva a lot for a little piece of cloth, when that little piece of cloth means a heckuva lot.

      Black and Gold,
      Halfmoon Shape,
      Airborne Ranger,
      Screaming Ape!

    1. Spots are still open, pay using the same link and comment once you have. For those that have paid, we are still working with goruck to set up a private registration site. I will post a separate article with a more detail update. Great crew we have so far, blend of GRT and first timers across metro, north, south, and Columbia.

      Direct message me @redtornado74 for additional questions.

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