Changing of the guard……..

  • Workout Date - 08/15/2016
  • Q In Charge - Short Barrel
  • The PAX - ATM, 3B, Name your own price tool , Squid, Whisper (respect), Macho Man, Bambi, Barney, Sammy, Mint Julip, Butterbean, Road Trip, Steak Sauce, Urban, Affordable Care Act, Soccer Mom, Short Barrel-YHC
  • AO -

17 brave souls came out to #TOT for the changing of the guard. Every year we rotate site Q’s and today was the day that Soccer Mom took the helm from Macho Man as the head of AO for TOT. Tclaps Soccer Mom for stepping up.

Condition: Humid, warm, typical morning in the 81′

Warm-up: Smurf Jacks-IC x 25
Windmills-IC x 25
Monkey Humpers-IC x 20

The Thang: Mosey to a new spot several of the ruckers found a while ago. 2′ wall followed by a big, uncut, possibly fire ant infested field.
11’s starting with box jumps and superman merkins halfway across the field

Some pax had to modify to step ups due to extra weight. Tclaps to Macho Man and ATM for not making the YHC be the sole rucker this morning. I’ve tried to get my M and 2.0’s into rucking but then we would have a mother rucker and those little ruckers and I already have my ruck buddies…… get the picture. Mosey back to the flags.

Merkin trail of tears: Plank position, shoulder to shoulder, end pax x 2 bear crawl to the end call down for 1 merkin. Increase by 1 merkin each group of pax that bear crawls to the end. Stay in place and on your six. Modified Guantanamo, pax holds 45, while 2 pax try to push their legs down (not to hit the ground) at the end of the line call up with 1 BBSU. Repeat, increasing by 1 each group till done (crowd pleaser). I will say some pax get more excitement out of torturing each other more than the rest…… On your feet, shoulder to shoulder, pass the ruck down to the end, once the ruck leaves your hand, burpee. Pass them back. When the first ruck gets to the starting point, sprint with ruck to the end of the line and repeato. Till entire pax is done.

Mary: Flutters-IC x 30
LBC’s-IC x 25
Rosa Lita’s_IC x 20

Announcements: Soccer Mom new Site Q for TOT.
Whisper new Site Q for Pitchfork.
Floppy Disc new Site Q for Golden Strip.
TClaps gentlemen #leaderslead

Michelin 5K this weekend.

Prayers: Squid, Butterbean, NYOPT 2.0’s headed off for college. Rusty Nail with pretty nasty elbow fracture.

Always a pleasure gentlemen. Could not imagine a morning, week or month without F3.

Short Barrel

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