Catch Me If You Can….Unwind!

  • Workout Date - 08/30/2016
  • Q In Charge - One Direction
  • The PAX - WiFi, The Tickler, Elmer, Obama, Third Base, Gymboree, The Commodore (WD), Floppy Disc, Look Out Below (WB), Easy Bake, Strange Brew, Sadiq, Sushi, Detox, Bambi, Flower the Skunk (FNG), One Direction
  • AO -

17, with one FNG, resisted the urge to fartsack (or smartsack, for that matter) and committed to getting better with YHC.


  • WiFi/Gymborees (IWs with no rhythm/organized count). Okay, seriously!
  • IWs x 21
  • SSH x 21
  • Dancing Bears x 21
  • Take a Lap


Partner up for Catch Me if You Can.  Partner 1 runs while the Partner 2 does 10 Merkins. After Merkins, Partner 2 runs to catch Partner 1 for a tapout. Switch and repeat for 1 mile (5 laps). YHC had two partners due to the odd number.

Plank-o-Rama – Plank with Right leg high and left leg high. A new variation called Quick Draw McGraw (4C arm up and down under body). YHC is happy to show at a post near you

Circle up for Sally (entire song 03:38). Ugh!

Next, line up in two lines, facing each other. Now, Sally, Merkin version. Audibled half way through, given we had done just a few Merkins during CMIYC.  I think Sushi called YHC out on “Don’t Q it if you can’t do it”

Partner back up for CMIYC, Unwind Round 2 (run opposite direction laps) with 10 DC Flutters.  Roughly 5 laps again.


  • 4C Mountain climbers x 21
  • American Thors to 7/28
  • Freddy Mercury Reprise x 6 (slowwwww 4C)

10 Burpees OYO

Thats a wrap!


It was great to be back as the Q.  I continue to be humbled and amazed at the way the “old guys” at GS push each other and give 100%.  The laps during CMIYC gave plenty of opportunity for fellowship and #mumblechatter.  Welcome to Eric Simonton (Flower the Skunk, since Bambi EH’d him)


DINE OUT FOR MOM is Thursday, October 27th.  Get with YHC for details.  Prayers lifted up for the Dowis family and for The Commodore’s father who is battling bladder cancer.




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