Carpe Diem Boys, Make your lives Extraordinary

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  • Workout Date - 11/25/2014
  • Q In Charge - Zoila
  • The PAX - Soup, Malpractice, Graceland, Zoila
  • AO -

On the way home from Q’ing #LionsDen this morning, YHC was struck with the idea of seizing the day, making much of our short time on earth, and generally being thankful for the brief moment we get to spend here.

Also want to mention, where the heck was everybody?  The weather was damn near perfect, the AO is seriously fun and beautiful.  Why is #LionsDen not bursting at the seams?

The VSF was planted at Cleveland Park, and the following occurred:

The Conditions: Damn near perfect.  54 degrees F.  83% humidity.  Cloudy.

The Thang:


SSH x15

IW x15

LBC x15

Peter Parker x10

Parker Peter x10

LBC x35

IW x10

SSH x10

Mosey to the tennis courts.  Watch out for that bump Malpractice.

High-knee jump burpees OYO x10

Squats x25


Carolina Dry Dock x10

Heels to Heaven x40


10 partner derkins at the baseline, partner-carry halfway, swap.  10 partner derkins, partner-carry the remaining distance.  Come back to the original baseline.

Same thing, except 15 partner derkins, and wheelbarrow instead of partner-carry as we traversed the width of the tennis courts.

High-knee jump burpees OYO x10

Mosey back to COT…just kidding, run past it to the bridge.  We lost Graceland.  He pulled up and waited for us at the COT.

Plank up, bearcrawl across the bridge, plank when you get across, then crabwalk back across the bridge and plank.

Fast Mosey back.

LBC x30

Oblique LBC x10 on each side

Freddy Mercury for 60 seconds

Six inches for a bit

Rockhopper x20

Carolina Dry Dock x10

Lay on your back, look up at the sky, ponder life in complete silence for 30 seconds.


Ye Olde Moleskine:

Baffling to all of us how there is such a small crowd.  This is a seriously great place to get a good workout.

Lots of noise from the zoo today, including a rooster.

Two notable Q-Fails: Neglecting to tell the pax we just moseyed over a root, leading to Malpractice eating pavement.  Second Q-Fail: Leaving Graceland behind without realizing it til we got to the bridge.

Thanks to all who posted, it would’ve been awkward had it just been me.

Announcements: Convergence on Thanksgiving at 0700 at Cleveland Park aka Lions Den.  Don’t miss it.

If you’re traveling, look up other Convergences across F3 Nation.


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