“Car up!” at The Station

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  • Workout Date - 09/27/2018
  • Q In Charge - Waxon
  • The PAX - Kindergarten Cop, The Muff, Levar Ice Man, Almond Joy, Courtesy Flush, Grrr, Emeril, Bedbug
  • AO - The Station

12 men awoke bright and early and converged in the gloom of the hallowed ground at The Station to await a patented Perry Mason beatdown.      PSYCHE!   Upon arriving, the men were informed that Perry would not be conducting today’s beatdown, but instead YHC was a last minute sub in.   The Pax were either overjoyed, dismayed or ambivalent to the revelation.     Unbeknownst to all in attendance, Perry had reached out to YHC late the previous night:

Perry:    You planning on posting tomorrow?

YHC:      Yeah.    Should I not?

Perry:      I may need you to sub in.    You’re so freaking awesome at this,  I’d consider it an honor if you lead the men in my place

YHC:     I know.

Or something like that.    Anyway, here’s what went down

Warmup:      20 SSH IC, 20 Imperial Walkers (wonderfully executed), 15 windmills.    Let’s mosey


The Thang:      Mosey out through the front of the park, and up to the intersection of Randall and Trade in downtown Greer.   While planning today’s workout ( at 5:20 am), YHC reflected back on some of his first couple of time’s posting, and fondly remembered someone leading a Trade street Dora beatdown.   I realized that we haven’t done anything on Trade in awhile, so here we go.   Halt at the intersection while the Dora is outlined and explained.    Standard Dora format, Pax 1 works, Pax 2 runs up to the light at Victoria and back.    Easy-peasy.    Pax are instructed that in an effort to keep the group relatively together, the next body of work in the Dora won’t be assigned until all teams are finished with the current assignment.    After a few quizzical looks from the Pax, YHC calls 50 burpees and we’re off.    Running and work commenced, when the gloom is pierced by headlights.    Calls of “car up” echo Trade Street as the Pax takes the appropriate evasive actions and work continues.    Little did I know that “Car up!” would become the buzz word of the day.   Holy Cow, when did Trade and Randall get so busy?!   Where did all that traffic come from?   Where are those people going?   Don’t they see we’re trying to work here?

Teams complete the burpee/run section at various times, and YHC quickly realized that he made a tactile mistake by not assigning fill-in work if teams complete the current stage completed while others are still working.    YHC quickly modifies and announces that going forward, in the event of such an occurrence, Pax should either SSH or run till all are done.

Other than continually dodging traffic, the work continues on with plenty of mumblechatter but no unusual hardships.     100 hand release merkins, 200 single count mountain climbers (should have made these double count), 300 squats and 400 flutters.

Time is getting short, so we mosey to the Wild Aces parking lot where we lunge the other side of the lot and back.

Lunges complete, mosey back to the park entrance for 20 dips OYO, 15 calf raises x 3 variations and finally mosey back to the circle for Mary

Mary:      dealers choice and YHC remembers doing LBCs, Dolly (or Rosey) erectors, plank any maybe something else

Moleskin:    Prayers for one of our brother’s upcoming doctor’s appointment where there’s a bit of apprehension, and prayers for a Pax’s co-worker dealing with a nasty kidney infection

While I enjoyed leading the Pax and hope that the work assigned was up to the level of their abilities, I do apologize for all of the traffic and for not having thought up a fill-in plan between Dora sets.     I hope that Perry’s sore knee responds favorably to a little rest and that he’s back Tuesday to rejoin the fellowship.     It was a pleasure to lead!

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