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  • Workout Date - 02/08/2016
  • Q In Charge - Epee
  • The PAX - Data, Ditka, Pacer, Mud Run, Grit, Fun Run, Uncle Remus, Epee
  • AO -

My conference call ran a little late or I ran too slow get to the shovelflag in time!

Thanks to Data for getting the warm up started!


10x Don Quixotes

38x Overhead claps (What an odd #? I thought it was for Grit’s birthday but he turned 39…)

10x Imperial Walkers

10x SSH

The Thang

Mosey in the direction of the picnic shelter on Governor’s Hill.  At top of the hill:

Karaoke right to the shelter

Switch sides

Karaoke left to the traffic circle

Grab a piece of curb for Descending Curb Crawl:

10 Derkins (feet on curb)

Bearcrawl to the otherside

9 Derkins

Bearcrawl…etc to 1

Mosey under the bridge through the smell to the recently opened Cancer Survivors Park.

Continue mosey up the boardwalk.

At first platform:

20x flutter kicks

Continue mosey up the boardwalk

At 2nd platform:

Low plank-orama

Continue mosey up the boardwalk past the 3rd platform to Church St

Line up on the sidewalk on Church facing away from the street for:

20x Monkey Humpers

Go back to the top platform for

Captain Thor – 1 big boy sit-up to 4 American Hammers up to 10:40

Mosey down to 2nd platform for:

Smurpees- 1 burpee to 1 Smurfjack in cadence (I know some may that’s only 2 not 4, but it was easier to keep track in my then hyperventilated state J )

Mosey down to the bottom platform

20x Box cutters

Mosey to the traffic circle for a modified

Mucho Chesto as follows

5x Merkins

5x Diamond Merkins

5x Werkins

5x Curbkins – Left side first (one hand on curb with one hand on the road)

5x Curbkins -Right side

Indian run up the hill to the Stonebridge

Everyone line up side by side facing the bridge/park for

Slow Merkins on my count.

On the 5th down and hold

Jailbreak to the flag


Brewruck is this Saturday Feb13

Prayers for Uncle Remus’ brother starting cancer treatment

Naked Moleskin

The Cancer Survivor’s Park is a great addition to the Falls Park area.  The Phase 1 boardwalk is impressive and gives great views of the river that you’ve probably never seen before. The following phases will replace the “cheese grader” bridge; which will be awesome!  Take a moment sometime to visit and meditate.

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