• Workout Date - 11/10/2014
  • Q In Charge - HOOTIE
  • The PAX - Grit and Mr. Winslow
  • AO -


3 Pax braved the brisk moring for a fun loving no running beatdown sponsored by yours truly!!  This may be my favorite style workout!  If you sacked this one, you made the right choice!  Ask those who showed up!

Warm UP
Are you kidding?!  This is 0.0—Enough Said

Burpees x 10 OYO
Diamond Merkins x 10 IC
High Knee Jumps x 30 OYO
Rinse and Repeat

Plank for One Minute

LBC’s x 20 IC
Bicycles Forward x 15 IC
Bicycles Backwards x 15 IC
Superman’s for 10 seconds on 5 seconds off x 5
Rinse and Repeat

Plank for One Minute

Dips x 15 IC
Box Jumps x 30
Derkins x 15 IC #10countrequested #goodcallgrit
Rinse and Repeat

Plank for One Minute

Wall Plank stone Wall near River St. from steps to steps #deadly

Squats x 20 IC
In and Outs x 15 IC
Ferry Jacks x 30 OYO
Rinse and Repeat

Plank One Minute

Joe Hendrix up steps (near Marriott)
Bear crawl down sidewalk to other steps
Bear crawl down and back to center for COT


Prayers for Grit today in a time of need
Prayers for those unspoken


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