Cameo at the Retirement Home

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  • Workout Date - 09/20/2016
  • Q In Charge - Flay
  • The PAX - Double Check, First Date, Third Base, Look Out Below, Fred, Barney, THE Tickler, Wifi, Sushi, Lite Brite, Fletch
  • AO -

In spite of being our speediest AO (two years and counting in the Michelin 5k Challenge), Golden Strip also has the glorious honor of being our #Respect Hub here in the Upstate. Seriously, these dudes are silverbacks almost across the board. Makes that speedy, BAMF nature of the #Strippers even more impressive, if you ask me. Floppy’s been bugging me for weeks now to come out and make sure our Senior Swamp Rabbit Citizens aren’t letting their standards slip. After a false start last week due to some sudden travel needs (#Cobains) Floppy slid me in on the Q Calendar to go and see what’s up out in the hinterlands.

We had fun. 12 hardchargers (including three who pre-rucked, and one who pre-ran/had his own Nature Boy moment right before we got to it).

Here’s what went down:

Warm up

SSH x 20 IC

MC x 20 IC

Brief hold in plank because somebody jumped the gun

IW x 20 IC

Mosey around back to the track

Dora 1-2-3

Partner 1 works while Partner 2 takes a hot lap on the track. Flapjack, rinse, repeato until all work is done.

Hand release merkins x 100 (#crowdpleaser, specifically Third Base)

Teabagger squats x 200

2 ct Flutters x 300

Third Base leads the PAX in plankorama till the Six is done.

Mosey down to the lower baseball field/form up in front of the grassy wall.

Ark 7’s

Gotta bring a #Flayvorite. Goes like this:

Bigboy situp x 1 at the bottom / bear crawl to the top / burpees x 6 at the top / Jameis Winston back down

Rinse repeat, increasing bigboys at the bottom and decreasing burpees at the top x1 each time adding up to 7 until you finish with burpee x 1 at the top.

Tickler goes full Premature running up on the first round. Back to the beginning, son. Do it right.

Some ass draggin’ on the down at various points.

Didn’t anticipate the ants. #SorrySushi

Plank up for the six.

Mosey back to the start point. Lots of time left so we’ll do…

12 MOM

Freddie Krueger Pyramid

It’s the Golden Strip, so we gotta do one Golden Ratio. This’ll be 1 bigboy / 4 Freddie Mercuries (4 ct).

Tickler has some problems with the math but he eventually falls in line.

Up to 6 bigboys / 24 Freddies and back down.


SPICOLIS X 10 (mind your brothers.)



  • Good times, and it’s been a while both since I’ve been out the Simpleville way, and need to get back.
  • Oddly enough, only 2 #Respects in this crowd today (Wifi and Sushi) and those guys just barely qualify. Looks like the median age is coming down around here. Or the oldies were just skeered of YHC
  • Prayers for Double Check’s wife Diana as she might have an unexpected (but positive) change coming in her family
  • Prayers for Barney’s father Isaac who’s just received a cancer diagnosis. Biopsy today and hopeful that it hasn’t metastasized
  • Prayers for Double Check at work as they manage through an SAP upgrade
  • Prayers for M.Flay’s family as they manage the change of having to say good bye to their matriarch

Good times, boys. #SYITG.


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