Call It Twora (Twist on Dora)

  • Workout Date - 11/03/2015
  • Q In Charge - Third Base
  • The PAX - Look Out Below, Wi-Fi, Jenner, No Bars, Strange Brew, Gymboree, Cocoon, The Butcher, The Nature Boy, The Commodore, Racket, Easy Bake
  • AO -

After LOB and YHC rucked our three miles, we discussed who was Qing at Golden Strip this morning. According to our calendars there was no one scheduled for today. Therefore, after a quick discussion, I decided to take the helm for my first time Q at Golden Strip. Here is how it went down:

25 x SSH
25 x IW
Mosey around front parking circling back to front of ME.

The Thang
Twist on Dora 2,3,4
3Pax per team, after I learned how to count this morning.
Round 1 200 reps
PAX 1 hold plank
PAX 2 Merkins
PAX 3 Run a lap

PAX 3 then would take PAX 1 place, PAX 1 would pick up where PAX 2 left off,and PAX 2 run a lap, then wash, rinse, repeat.

Round 2 300 reps
PAX 1 hold Al Gore
PAX 2 Squats
PAX 3 Run a lap

Round 3 400 reps
PAX 1 hold Banana/Canoe
PAX 2 In Out Sit ups
PAX 3 Run a lap

Ring O Fire
Merkinfest each PAX did 1 Merkin hold plank until other completed up to 5.

HOPE relay I believe it will be on Nov. 14th, if this is incorrect please let us know.
Thanksgiving Convergence is being brewed.
Christmas Party is planned on for Dec 12th, more details will follow.
Prayers for all unspoken

YHC really struggled counting this AM will chalk it up to the Ruck prior to.
Mumble chatter was good, especially with the position holds during the workout.

Another great morning in the gloom with my brothers. We will see you all again soon.

Later Days,
Third Base

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