• Workout Date - 03/01/2019
  • Q In Charge - ⚽️Mom
  • The PAX - Duggar, Short Barrel, Lt. Dangle, Peek a Boo, NYOPT, Pine Tar
  • AO - Pitchfork


6 PAX joined YHC for a Friday morning lift session mixed in with some gut busting core work!
Conditions: 59 and not raining! Yet
Mission Statement ✅
Disclaimer ✅
Warm up:
Hillbilly x15
Arm Circles
The Work:
Alternating Shoulder Press x10
In and Out Curls x10(20)
Overhead Tricep Extension x15
Repeat, but seated
Deep Swimmers Press x10
Corkscrew Curls x10 each arm
Chair Dips bench) x20
Lunge/kickback/curl/press x20 #crowdpleaser
Lunge/reach x20 each side
Renegade Rows x10 each side
Renegade Curls x10 each side
Renegade Hammers x10 each side
Overhead Shoulder Press x10
Curl up/Hammer down x10
Side-Tri-Rise x15 each side #crowdpleaser
V-up/Roll x25
Crunch x25
Reverse Bicycle x25
Wide leg Sit-up x25
Fifer Scissor x25
Scissor Clapper x25
Heels to Heaven x25
Tornado x20
Alphabet Soup
Oblique V-up x20 each side
American Hammer x40
Done ✅
P200 March
Washers sister
Whisper family
Stephanie upcoming surgery
Great work by everyone. Always a pleasure.

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