• Workout Date - 09/20/2014
  • Q In Charge - Punkin Spice
  • The PAX - Johnny 5, Murdock, Zorro, Wally, iTunes, Ward, Inspector Gadget, Posh Spice, Punkin Spice
  • AO -

9 men wanted to make themselves better this morning in TheStation’s morning gloom. Low numbers today in Greer partially due to the launch of the Upward Star AO, which is half way between Spartanburg and Greer, and with almost 20 out there, TheStation seemed to take the hit. Either that, or PAX are just steering clear from YHCs Qs. If you’re scared, say you’re scared. #sorrynotsorry #moredifficult=moreselfsatisfaction

Warm Up

With only 9 Pax, YHC decided to let them dictate the warm up. So, we went around the circle and each Pax called out an exercise, performed to 10, either in cadence (IC), or on your own (OYO), except imperial walkers, we only did 9 of those. #imperialwalkerboycott #isthisarealexercise. YHC can’t remember them all, but Ward did pick Burpees (2nd exercise). #first10

YHC then said, “Let’s mosey over here real quick.” This is when Murdock’s #mumblechatter really starting to gain some momentum and he told YHC that he was an oxymoron, followed by informing YHC that mosey and quick do not belong in the same sentence together.

The Thang

Lunges up the hill that is beside the shovel flag area.

During the lunges, a guy runs by us and Murdock throws about three, failed, attempts to hit this guy with a flying EH. He doesn’t even respond. So YHC decides we are going to mosey, at a reasonable distance, behind him. Up the amphitheater stairs he goes, down the stairs. YHC tells Murdock, “this guy’s leading the Q now”, and around the fountain we go, at which point Murdock has one last, failed, attempt to throw the EH on this guy and tells him “hey, you’re leading the workout now”, the guy just smiles and we leave him alone. We are where we need to be at this point anyway.

Exit fun. Enter suck!

Do I hear a train? 10 burpees, OYO. #thats20 Thank you whoever started this. #stapleofthestation Murdock seems to believe planes should cancel out trains. #nottodaymyfriend

Now, we are at the light pole next to the latrine, facing the Poinsett Street entrance to the park. There are 7 light poles roughly >10 yards from the next, all the way up to the entrance, and at the entrance there is a circular brick planter.

Run to first pole, 1 burpee, run to planter, 10 dips, back to first pole, 1 burpee, back to starting pole. Run to first pole, 1 burpee, run to second pole, 2 burpees, run to planter, 10 dips, back to second pole, 2 burpees, back to first pole, 1 burpee, back to starting pole. So on and so forth for all 7 poles. Modify to merkins and/or squats as needed.

Johnny 5 and YHC did the math after finishing, while waiting on the Six, and realized that, with no modifying, we just did 168 burpees and 70 dips. Great, great work to all the Pax who busted this one out, kudos men! #mathsays188

Mosey to amphitheater seating.

Burpee box jumps up all 8 levels of seating. #thats8more #196

Mosey to playground for Pain Stations.

Pull-ups x5, Derkins x10, Dips x15, complete 2 sets then mosey back over to shovel flag and plank up.


Once again, YHC let the Pax dictate Mary. Same as warm-up, around the circle, call out an exercise. Again, can’t recall all exercises #shouldhavebeenthere but I do know 2 things. First, iTunes called out some exercise (Daglers or something YHC had never heard) and they were sneaky hard. Second, I know I heard another train, and I’m pretty sure Johnny 5, who had to depart early, wanted 10 burpees as his Mary exercise. Really, YHC just knew how close we were to 200 and wasn’t going to sell anyone short. So we finished up with 10 more burpees, OYO. #206!Burpees


Not many announcements or prayer request today. Mainly just the talk about Travelers Rest launch and AO at Gateway Park (meet on football fields behind Sunrift Adventures). The TR launch is Wednesday, 9/24 at 0530. Be on the lookout for a pre-blast from Inspector Gadget, coming soon. EH everyone you know in the TR area so we can sustain yet another great F3SwampRabbit location for the Pax!


Again, amazing work and fortitude out there men! You fellas pushed and kept pushing and finished strong! Great group out at #TheStation which, BTW, is one amazing AO. If you haven’t been out there yet, it is definitely worth your time.

Pax Propter Vim


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