Burpees…the breakfast of champions

  • Workout Date - 03/14/2017
  • Q In Charge - Mint Julep
  • The PAX - NYPOT, Hannah Montana, Whisper (Respect), Easy Bake, Deflated (Respect), Road Trip, Benign, The Muff, Thumper, Washer, Boss Hog, Church Lady, Mint Julep (QIC)
  • AO -

Lucky 13 showed up in the “rain” and cold for a 0.0 that YHC had planned around the “rain”. Let’s head under the canopy and get to it.

Mission statement – Yup
Disclaimer – Yup

SSH x 25
Hillbilly x 20
Windmill x 20


Partner up for DORA. Since it was “raining” we aren’t going to run any so let’s get some burpees in instead. Mucho mubble chatter but that stopped after one round of burpees!
P1 – exercise P2 – 10 burpees…After P2 is done with burpees switch it up. Keep up this theme for the entire DORA.
300 squats
200 merkins
100 BBSU

I’d guess everyone did at least 100 burpees each along with the DORA. Good times!

Still time so stay with your partner
P1 – AMRAP plank jacks
P2 – lateral bear crawl to a column and back…harder than it sounds
Rinse and repeat 5x each

Still time so stay with your partner
P1 – AMRAP mountain climbers
P2 – lunge walk across the bus lane and back
Rinse and repeat 5x each

Leg raises x 25
Back scratchers x 20 IC
Various Plank holds – 2 mins

P200 10 days away…plenty of time to start training!
4/22 Reedy River 5/10k
5/20 Gaston Mud Run – the 81 has 2 teams already
6/9 – 6/10 – guns and rucking somewhere in Greenville

Quickie’s child
Andrew Brunson
Commodore’s father and his continued recovery
NYPOT & Squid on their 60-80 mile adventure race this weekend

That was a doozy, great work by all. It is an absolute pleasure working out with and getting to know all of you guys, we’re all very blessed. Until next time…God Bless!

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