Burpees for All

  • Workout Date - 03/15/2016
  • Q In Charge - Third Base
  • The PAX - Sushi (Almost), The Tickler, First Date, Padre, 1D, Jenner, WiFi, Gymboree, Look Out Below, Noah, Macho Man, Grimus, Twin Peaks (FNG), Barney, Elmer, Racket, and YHC (Third Base)
  • AO -

17 PAX stepped out into the gloom for what I think was a fun competitive Q. 1 FNG Jonathon McAdams now know as Twin Peaks. I decided to take the Q because I would not be Qing Thursday. Why? @F3Sushi 2nd Year anniversary Q will be taking place at GS, be there or be unlucky!?! Here is how things went down:

30 x SSH
30 x IW

The Thang
Enough of that mess lets have some fun. Counted off the PAX was hoping for even number but we adjusted on the fly. The lines were drawn the teams for formed: Team Padre (8) vs. Team Sushi (9).

Round 1
Suicide Relay

One PAX running Suicides it was roughly about 40 yards, essentially ran every other parking space whilst team did BLIMPS AMRAP. Team Padre scored the early victory here thanks to Macho being taunted by 1D (Team Padre member) and sleeper sprinter Barney (Team Padre member).
Winners: Team Padres – 10 x Burpees Losers: Teams Sushi – 20 x Burpees

Mosey to GS Speedway for Round 2.
GS Speedway Relay
Now was the time for the true sprinters to shine.
One PAX sprinted around speedway while rest of team did 10 Merkins, 20 Squats, 30 LBC AMRAP. This one came down to the wire. Padre vs. Racquet (and YHC we had extra player). Padre got off to an early lead, however, was almost walked down by both Racquet and YHC
Winners: Team Padres – 10 x Burpees Losers: Teams Sushi – 20 x Burpees

Mosey to the GS Hill Round 3
Bear Crawl Relay
One Pax Bear Crawl up hill 5 x Burpees at top, crab walk down, while the rest of the team performs 10 x Burpees, 20 x Flutters, 30 x Squats AMRAP. Well, it was a sad day for Team Sushi because third round was not the charm as Team Padre captured another win. As a celebration all PAX did 20 more Burpees.

Before we left for MOM as a sign of solidarity we all locked arms and traversed the hill backwards twice.

25 x Flutters
10 x Tempo LBC (The struggle was real for YHC)
15 x Box Cutters
10 x Right Side Obliques
10 x LeftSide Obliques

Did we mention Irish fun happening at GS on Thursday?
P200 this weekend, prayers for all involved.
The Bingo Dash for Let there be Moms on April 16th: Bingo Dash
Prayers for my sister Amy and her husband James.

Was another great morning in the gloom with my brothers. Saw some PAX really get after it and some I do not believe I have ever seen move so fast. Awesome work as always. I am blessed and honored to be among you all.

3B out!

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