Burpees and Cinderblocks

  • Workout Date - 08/04/2014
  • Q In Charge - 00 (Double Aught)
  • The PAX - Radar, Mallwalker, Vanilla Ice, Zip it, Amelia, Hook and Ladder, Joe Dirt - FNG Ben Temple, Mrs. Doubtfire, King James, Tax Evasion, Golden Sombrero, Deco, Sherpa, Holla, Ahnold, Oui Oui, Billy Mays- FNG Jeff Henry, 00
  • AO -


18 PAX posted for a hazardous workout.  YHC had to make some last minute changes as the construction zone at MRPC seems to expand every week.  Dips and box jumps were taken away.  At least they had not roped off the area where The Burbs’ cinderblocks are stored.  Although The Burbs is still finding a mumblechatter replacement for Snowden, the PAX grew noticeably quiet when the blocks came out.  YHC’s weak attempts at mumblechatter were drowned out by quiet sobs of resignation when the reality of the blocks hit the PAX.

Warmup – 15 x SSH, IW, Lap around the church

The Thang

Separated the PAX into groups for 3 exercises. Round 1 – Group 1 with an Indian Run/Jailbreak around the church while Group 2 does burpees.  Group 3 squats with blocks.  Everyone rotates through.

Round 2 – Group 1 does 15-180 degree jump switch burpees, Group 2 does bent over rows with the blocks, while Group 3 backward runs up the hill and sprints back town.  Rotate through.

Round 3 – Group 1 does 12 dive bomber burpees, Group 2 shoulder presses the blocks, while Group 3 lunge walks. Rotate Through.

Now that the shoulders are nice and loose, PAX is split into two groups for 2 rounds of Joe Hendricks up the North Wing steps alternated with the People’s Chair.  10 Peter Parkers OYO before heading back to the circle for Mary.

6MOM – Various counts of Russian Twists, Flutters, Ukranian Twists, LBCs and Rosalitas along with some six inches and plank work.

Unfortunately there were no Merlot sightings during the workout.

Announcements – Greer Big Bang on 8/9; Kotters to Mrs. Doubtfire after an absence to study for and take the SC Bar Exam; 3rd F at 11:45 – Bible Study outside of Tupelo Honey.

Prayer – Hook and Ladder’s Captain with end stage cancer and all those struggling with serious illness

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