Burpee mile… Well not so much but defiantly burpee inspired

  • Workout Date - 04/09/2015
  • Q In Charge - Johnny 5
  • The PAX - Murdock, Bambi, Alfred, Look Out Below, Sushi, Donut, Rainbow Dash, Flying Flee, Macho Man, Brutus, Gymboree, Fred, Sadiq, Strange Brew, Snap Hook, Johnny 5
  • AO -

Ssh 15 ic
IW 15 ic

Main thing:
Move to starting point for burpee mile.
Explain the modified burpee mile. Lots of mumble chatter at this point.
After the start of this burpee mile it was quickly evident this called for an audible. The pax pushed through the pain and then the audible was called.
Audible was to finish the burpee broad jumps to the locked yellow gate. Upon arrival at gate, stop burpee and mosey to start point. At start point turn around and mosey back to gate. Once at the gate do lbcs until last of the pax doing burpees reaches the gate. Mosey as a group back to the starting point.
Next a burpee inspired Dora 1 2 3. The dora exercises are 100 Merkins, 200 in and outs, 300 squats.
Now to my favorite part of a workout Joe Hendrix. Run to hill, do a Joe Hendrix up, and crab walk back down. Repeat this again.

Mosey around the traffic loop beside hill and the back to the circle.

10 burpees OYO for anyone injured or sick who can’t make it out to workouts.

I Give the pax a choice 100 lbc’s or a mix of yhc’s choice. Of course, as they should, they chose the daily red pill.
Little baby leg circles x10 ic one way and x10 ic other way
Flutter x10 ic
Lbc x11 ic
6″ 30 seconds
Flutter x10 ic
Russian Twist x30 ic

It was an honor to lead these men. A hard work put in by all.

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