Burpee Ladders are Fun they said…..

  • Workout Date - 08/24/2021
  • Q In Charge - PineTar
  • The PAX - Road Trip, Toll Booth (R), Brady Bunch (R), Cock Pit, Peekaboo, Whisper (R), Flo (R), Turtle Wax, Benign, Heidi, The Aardvark (R), Red Rider, Church Lady (R)
  • AO - Pitchfork

14 PAX gathered at PitchFork in the hot, humid gloom to push themselves and get better physically. Mental battle was won when they walked out of the house…..but another mental battle was faced about 15 minutes into the WO.


23 SSH, IC

10 Bonnie Blairs

23 Hill Billies, IC

10 Bonnie Blairs

23 LBC, IC

Whisper arrives and wants to do Freddy Mercury’s….YHC obliges….23 FM, IC

Mosey to basketball court out back for the THANG

Burpee Ladder Tabata……suckfest….

3 exercises (Seal jack / squat / burpee) in increasing # of reps by 1 every tabata cycle. YHC cranked up the tunes and off we went….. Timer = 1 minute. Minute 1 = 1 seal clap, 1 squat, 1 burpee. Run in place until timer goes off. PAX repeat until the timer catches them, at which time they begin back down the ladder to 1 rep each inside the 1 minute timer. Push your own limit at the top of the ladder. Kudos to Brady Bunch who took it up to 15 (old man strength)!!!

Mosey to hill by track 7s of BBSU and Bobby Hurley’s

Mary – not much time since Brady Bunch climbed so high on the ladder so we planked it up for final minute.

ANNC – see PlayDoh’s twitter feed for official announcements, but summary below from I remember –

VQ for Brady Bunch this Friday (fair warning) Order Swamp Rabbit logo t-shirt (expires soon), 2nd F opportunity at Pangea for Happy Hour 8/26 at 4pm, Iron Pax Challenge – Sept, Convergence on Labor Day at Main Thang (Peace Center) – 6am start

COT / Prayers – Flo’s friends with Covid19 (Scott and Dick), Dexter quarantining, school teachers and administrators, kids.

Pleasure to lead you fine men, thanks for showing up and being accountable!