Burpee Graceland

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  • Workout Date - 08/14/2014
  • Q In Charge - Posh Spice
  • The PAX - Snowden, Annie Oakley, Alfred, Ahnold, Johnny 5, Wiki, Hard Hat, Vanilla Ice, Mr. Cotter (Happy Birthday), King James, Tax Evasion, Erector, FEBA Latte (Punkin'), Posh Spice
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Fourteen PAX posted at Graceland to partake in a Posh Spice inspired “Good morning!”
Welcome back Snowden! I know you weren’t absent for long, but your mumble chatter was truly missed. #tooquiet #milkcarton #thereheis
YHC almost went to the wrong AO, but thank goodness Punkin’ helped get that sorted out. #burbish #amazingraceland


Thang: #NOTbeast
Bear crawl halfway to first corner
20*diamond Merkins
Lunge walk halfway to second
20*air humpers
Bear crawl half way to third
Lunge walk halfway back
10 Jack knife squats per leg
Rinse and repeato.
Plank exercises led by Snowden, welcome back bro.
T-push-ups*5 #YHClikey

Baby thang/pain stations: From lot to lot #parkinglot
Pain stations-
17*air humpers
Rinse and repeato.
Baby thang-
Power roof raises*20
Bear crawl down cross walk
Air Humpers*20
Lunge walk back
#fart #checkyourdrawers #ouchnostrils
Rinse and repeato.
Plank exercises.
Pain stations-
10*pull ups
Rinse and repeato.

6 MOM:
25*freddie mercuries

Prayer Requests: Snowden and his family during this difficult time his parents are experiencing. May they be healed and given the strength to overcome.
We pray that Erector finds his ideal job position and that he prospers in order to support his family. #HeadbandInternational
Much love brothers.

Don’t hesitate if you realize that you may need someone’s help. Our pride comes after our families and personal health. Feel free to reach out for a helping hand, and never give up hope. #notalone

Hard hat: Michelin 5k run Beastside vs. Ring of Fire on Saturday @ 07:30 hours at the Donaldson Center. 10 bucks to participate. #nokneeclipping

Mogadishu Mile on October 3rd and 4th. GORUCK.com, sign up because it’s gonna be awesome.

Awesome AO with plenty more to offer on the outskirts. It is an honor to lead you boys in the gloom, and I look forward to many more. I just want to thank everyone for participating. Y’all make the workouts fun with mumble chatter and Q heckling. 🙂 That being said, I look forward to being on the beatdown receiving end, as well!

Posh $pice


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