Burpee builders / catch me if you can / Up Down at Golden Strip

  • Workout Date - 05/10/2018
  • Q In Charge - Benign
  • The PAX - Gymboree (respect), Commodore (double respect), Cheese Steak (double respect), Padre, Bambi, Strange Brew (respect), Duke, Road Trip, Mayo, Third Base, YHC
  • AO - Golden Strip

Not knowing what was to come, 11 PAX denied the allure of the fartsack for a substitute Q from YHC.  YHC was all business from the start (a drill sergeant, said Bambi).

Conditions: clear, 58 degrees

Mission: The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer: No professionals in attendance.



Hillbillies x 20 IC

Imperial walkers x 20 IC

Side straddle hops x 25 IC

Mosey around the lot for 1 lap.



Partner up for Catch Me If You Can.  Partner 1 runs backwards.  Partner 2 does 10 merkins and then jailbreaks to catch partner 1.  Flapjack when partner 2 catches partner 1.   Do 2 total laps.  If you are named Road Trip, try not to trip on the road (or, more accurately, Padre on the road)… too late.

Mosey to the start of the bus lane for a Burpee Builder Ladder.  Run to the middle of the bus lane and do 25 merkins, 25 in-and-outs, and 25 jump squats.  Run back to the start and do 10 BBSUs.  Go the end of the bus lane for 20/20/20 and back to the start for 10 BBSUs.  Go to the bottom of the driveway for 15/15/15 and back to the start for 10 BBSUs.  Go to the top of the driveway for 10/10/10 and back to the start for 10 BBSUs.   Burpee count: 70.

Line up at the wall along the sidewalk for 7s (muscle ups on the wall and dips on the benches).

Go back to the circle for the inaugural “Morgan Wallens”.  This exercise was invented by F3 Greer’s very own House.  While “Up Down” by Morgan Wallen is playing, get in the low plank position.  When the song says “up down”, go up and back down.  Starting with verse 2, get in Al Gore position; when the song says “up down”, go up and back down.  With each verse, alternate low plank and Al Gore until the song is over.  Those who liked country music before today now hate it.  Those who already hated country music have no idea who Morgan Wallen is (their loss, in YHC’s opinion).



Flutters x 25 IC

Dolly x 25 IC




-Greenville War Fund 5 K 5/19/2018 (www.greenvillewarfund.com)- supports local LEOs injured in the line of duty

-2nd annual firearms day coming up in October 2018- Padre will provide more details later

-Several weirdos will be doing the 5000 merkin / 5000 BBSU / 50 mile challenge in June.  A small entry fee will support a local charitable cause.  All PAX who complete the challenge will get a patch suitable for framing.


-Andrew Brunson (American missionary imprisoned in Turkey)

-Praise for the release of 3 Americans from North Korea yesterday


As always, it is a pleasure to lead.



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