Burpee Broad…..What did you say?

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

37 men planted the shovel flag at the Peace Center, practically giddy with the springlike temps. Soon the smiles turned to #mumblechatter which turned to huffing and puffing…….

The Thang:

SSH x30
IW x25

Count off 1’s and 2’s then mosey to the parking deck.

Mosey to the top of the deck, stopping along the way for
Merkins – slow count
Squats – slow count
At the top – Burpee broad jump suicides
Burpee broad jump out to a line, then sprint back to the start
Do this 3x (each rep a further distance)
then repeat the cycle

Mosey over to the stairwell, but before we descend from the top
COP – Legs
Forward lunge, backward lunge squat jump, flapjack sides x5, repeato
Now we can make our way down to the bottom.

At the bottom, SSH while we wait for all the PAX

Mosey to the Peace Center Amphitheater
Derkins at the bottom
Box jump up seats (5 seats)
Dips at the top
Slow count LBC’s for the early finishers

Plank U Very Much
Plank shoulder touches (slow count)
Plank walk out and hold
JH #1
Partner 1 planks on a seat while partner 2 jumps over partner 1’s legs then backwards bear crawls under his legs x5, flapjack and repeato

6″ – legs straight, split, straight, split
Clapping LBC’s


Naked Moleskin
– YHC still very much susceptible to Qdrenaline. Love leading the guys on a workout
– Great work by the FNG’s – Busch, Shazam, Dollywood, Porkbelly and Libor. I was told early on that “the workouts don’t get easier, you get stronger”. That is spot on. Keep posting and you’ll notice fast improvement.
– Burpee broadjump suicides. Wasn’t sure how that would work out. They sucked, which means they’re a keeper!!

– Prayers for Spicoli and Epee
– Men’s Roundtable begins tomorrow – Downtown Grace Church – 0530
– Drifter 6k this weekend. Chance for a rare #tripledown – Legacy workout at 0700, race at 0900 and GRITch’s birthday beatdown after the race.

See ya in the gloom…..


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