Burp & Merk at the Matinee = Fun times

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  • Workout Date - 07/27/2015
  • Q In Charge - Pacer
  • The PAX - Remus, Bluegill, Strikeout, Epee, Yoshi, Third Base, Teddy Bear, Pacer
  • AO -

My VQ and all went ok.  We had a good turn out and enjoyed the warm sun.

Warm up:

Imperial Walkers x15

Side Straddle Hops x20

Flutter Kicks x20

The Thang:

No real mosey here, just straight into the pain.

B.L.I.M.P.S. until everyone in the PAX ran to the top of the stairs.

30 LBC’s for active recovery

Burp & Merc up to 10,  pause at the top for another active recover of 10 LBC’s then back down again.

Short Mosey over to the bridge for Wall of fire, 10 derkins followed by 20 squats, while the rest of the PAX were doing peoples chair.

Once finished, a quick mosey back to the beginning for some more fun and frivolities with teams.

Team building exercises:

Broken wheelbarrow’s to the creek, swap out and head back.  LBC  until all PAX are finished.

Bear crawl to creek, 5 LBC’s then Dragon walk back while your partner is hammering out LBC’s.  LBC’s for all until all PAX are done.


My brain got a little fuzzy here, so my counts may be off from what some of the PAX remember doing:

Freddi Merc’s x15

Flutter Kicks x20

LBC’s x25

Dolly’s x25





Team RWB Weds noon Linky Stone

F3 Dads Camp Aug 14-16 (full)


Third Base’s Mom will start outpatient therapy.

Prayers for Epee’s family.

Thanks for your patience and T-Claps to all who made it fun today.

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